Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 3

laitman_961.2Is coronavirus the beginning of the Egyptian plagues?

Question: Now we are on the threshold of the Passover holiday and the symbol of this holiday is ten plagues sent to Pharaoh. Is the coronavirus epidemic the beginning of a series of cataclysms?

Answer: There is no doubt that we are at a very interesting stage in our development, which today requires us to get closer to each other in a more correct way. What is required from us is not mutual trade, not mutual revenue, when we use each other wanting to profit at someone else’s expense, but the relationship to each other through good connections. Then we can fly, move, and connect as much as we want.

Question: Are you talking about some kind of internal sensory relationships?

Answer: About intentions.

Question: Indeed, today we feel a great dependence of everyone on everyone. If a glacier was melting somewhere before or there was a war, it was not felt at all. Today, however, it affects the whole world and naturally everyone is concerned. There is relative solidarity here, but it is seemingly negative: I do not want to be dependent on others.

How can we move from forced integration when we feel this dependence to positive integration?

Answer: There is nothing we can do. We can only learn from the example of ancient Egypt. There, too, everything was done through the blows, through ten Egyptian plagues.

Imagine that there will be no coronavirus, so there will be something else. Let’s say we live quietly as we did a couple of months ago.

And suddenly there is a war somewhere in Africa and Latin America, no matter where, because of which the extraction of some raw materials, for example, rare earth metals, stops. Because of a couple of kilograms produced in a year, the entire economy can stop. What will you do then?

All governments will immediately start pursuing these two countries, which are at war with each other and stopping the export of material necessary for the whole world. The world will still discover global dependence and will have to take measures to ensure that relations between everybody are smooth and good. Otherwise, there will be nothing.

Comment: By the way, Wikipedia gives the following definition of interdependence: “in an interdependent relationship, it is assumed that all participants emotionally, economically, environmentally, morally, and in some other way influence each other.” In other words, dependence is not only physical but also moral.

My Response: Yes, it is manifested at all levels.

Question: Does it mean that there is a lack of understanding of this dependence in society?

Answer: This is the main thing. This is why if we want to wreck each other’s lives, we stop trading, even to our own detriment, only to make sure that it will be even worse for the other.

Question: What kind of pain do you think people feel today? How does the virus affect people? What is the state humanity is in?

Answer: Today, people do not yet feel the full essence of this problem. They digest it, but they are not choking on it yet, so to say; they are not really concerned, “Well, there is, of course, a virus. Well, out of 100 million 100 people die. So what?” You see, this is not the scale that can impress the world.

Comment: It was the same in Egypt, these blows also began slowly. However, we have a chance to come to our senses.

My Response: Yes. By disseminating the method of integral connection we can explain that all this can be stopped.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality,” 3/12/20

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