Health And Medicine, Part 4

549.01What 90%  of the World’s Population Should Do

Question: Scientists have calculated that 40% of diseases are caused not by viruses or physical ailments, but by mental stress. Today millions of people are sitting at home, and this naturally leads to stress. Many people say that the damage from this is much greater than from some kind of virus. What do you think about that?

Answer: I believe that a person needs to be corrected. There is no point in counting whether it is so or not. A person must understand that he lives in an integral society, inside a ball. Inanimate, vegetative, animate, and most importantly, human nature affects him, and he must be in homeostasis, in balance, with them. And this does not happen.

A person wants to receive everything from the world around him, give nothing in return, or, in extreme cases, give only as much as is required of him. This is the problem.

Today we are in conditions that will force us to do something. Indeed, in order to provide us with everything we need, only 10% of the population must work; I emphasize—to provide the necessary!

And the remaining 90% of the people also need to be fed and taken care of. But they don’t need to work physically, they don’t need to earn any material value. They must transform society, humanity; make them kind and interconnected. They need to engage in self-education and training of others. Then we will have a harmonious society.

Question: What does it mean “a person must give”? You say: homeostasis means that a person takes something from nature and has to give something to it. What exactly?

Answer: Good fellowship. We don’t need anything else.

Question: Was there a period in the history of mankind that exemplifies good fellowship?

Answer: No, there was not.

Question: Even during the primitive communal system?

Answer: There are primitive systems even now, for example, in Africa, in Polynesia. But this is not a society, but a small commune.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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