Escaping The Tight Confines Of Restrictions

424.01Question: Does the greater the egoism in a person mean the more he has to comply with the framework of life?

Answer: Naturally. The greater the ego of a person, the worse it is for him within the framework of our world, which forces him to submit and encloses him in its limitations. In addition, he must make more effort to understand the higher world in order to fully accept the ruling of the Creator, which he feels in his huge egoism.

Question: So people who are at the level of basic desires (food, sex, family) seem to be the freest? And people who are on higher levels of desire feel themselves in tight restrictions?

Answer: Sure. Everyone who is higher than the other, his egoism is greater and, accordingly, he must work with it.

Question: What should a person who wants to follow the laws of nature and society do to be a useful element in the system?

Answer: To study these laws, to understand the necessity of their cause and effect, i.e., to reach a level where these laws become desirable. And then he will not feel their pressure on him.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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