The Essence Of Generational Conflicts

293Question: Psychologists say that the cause of generational conflicts is inequality between fathers and children. Do you think there can be friendly relations between them? After all, usually there is a certain disregard for children on the part of fathers: “What do you understand?” And the same with the children. Can they be on equal footing?

Answer: No, parents and children should not be equal. This would only harm a child. You should be his senior friend. Not just a friend, but a senior friend.

Question: Often the center of conflict between generations is the issue of freedom from the norms and values of the previous generations. Each generation changes its values, and this leads to disagreements. Do you agree with this statement?

Answer: Naturally. I belong to both societies, I know both generations well, and therefore I absolutely agree with this.

Question: Are there any universal values that could reduce the gap between generations?

Answer: The value should be above both the religious and secular society. It consists in absolute merging with integral nature, which is the upper force, the highest value, the highest quality. Therefore, we must explore this nature and be connected with it.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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