How Do Generations Differ From Each Other?

600.04Remark: We can see from history that the duration of the change of generations is shortening. If before generations changed in a few thousand years, then in a few hundred years, today twenty years is enough.

My Comment: Yes, but what has changed in these twenty years? In principle, people do not change much. Only their attitude to material values changes: the pursuit of acquiring cars, smartphones, and clothes, the desire to travel abroad, and so on.

All of this does not define the generations. They do not change qualitatively in their inclination to the question about the meaning of life. Therefore, their names X, Y, Z, and so on are all quite conventional. Practically, what is there between these generations? The toys they play with.

Remark: There are common experiences. One generation survived the war, another, some other historical event.

My Comment: We just replace one with another. We replaced the purpose of creation and our aspiration to it in different epochs with something absolutely shallow, corporeal.

Question: What is the conflict between fathers and sons, i.e., between generations?

Answer: I do not see any significant conflict here. If the fathers played with primitive computers, the sons are now playing with more advanced machines. Yet, what is the qualitative difference between them? Is the difference in the approach to the meaning of life, to the revelation of the essence of our existence? There is none of this.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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