Health And Medicine, Part 7

293To Feel Human

Question: Can a virus appear that because of someone’s bad attitude toward one’s neighbor it would trigger illness in the person, and then we would become afraid of bad thoughts and actions toward our neighbor because we would immediately feel it on ourselves as damage to our physical body?

Answer: I do not think that this will happen because nature wants us to be sensible, reasonable, to relate to what we do as adults, and to understand what changes we are causing in nature by that. We do not need to realize this through illness. This is unworthy of man.

Nature wants us to become aware of what is happening and change ourselves, our little planet, the world around us, so that we understand that we live in a confined space and must take care of it. Then we will really feel like masters, like humans.

Remark: Look how the coronavirus is pushing us to do this. I am really afraid of infecting others. Why? Because they can then infect my relatives and friends. Whether I like it or not, I have to indirectly care about the health of people around me.

My Reply: This is how you reason. Unfortunately, most people wear masks and gloves not because they do not want to infect others, but because they are afraid of getting infected themselves.

Question: So the influence of bad actions and thoughts on a person’s health should not manifest openly because a person would not have freedom of choice? Suppose he harmed someone and immediately fell ill or he thought badly of someone and suddenly got a disease?

Answer: No. Then we would remain animals. We must have freewill.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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