Health And Medicine, Part 5

557Consumer Society: Income and Stress

Question: Everyone knows that today two main diseases claim millions of lives: cancer and heart disease. Does it have something to do with our egoistic attitude toward the world?

Answer: Naturally. Our egoistic attitude toward the world is to take everything away, to take everything into ourselves, to put ourselves above others; it does not give us rest, eats the heart muscle, and upsets the general balance in the body, causing cancer.

It is necessary to give a person a normal, calm life, so that he knows why he exists. Why should he work 8 hours a day and stay in traffic jams for another couple of hours? And at home, the children are screaming, the TV is constantly on, and everything else. He is under constant stress, imitating people who are supposedly successful and enjoying life. After all, an ordinary person is very weak, small, and we force him to be macho.

Remark: It turns out to be a kind of vicious cycle. On the one hand, you say, “Don’t work, stay at home.” But how can I, as a person, not work?! Who will feed me tomorrow? The state will not pay me anything.

My Comment: And where will people live if only 10% of the population works? 90% of the population will have nothing to do. Absolutely nothing! Starting from the 50s of the 20th century we began to develop technologies, and from the 70s progressed in such a way that almost no additional labor is required. If not for the arms race, we would have found ourselves in a huge crisis long ago.

Remark: I think many will agree with you, but today the structure of the state is such that it does not allow a person not to work since people do not have a certain basic income.

My Comment: So there will be an income. Now, during the pandemic, half of the population is on furlough. And what can you do if the pandemic continues?

Remark: This is the problem. People start to be mentally stressed

My Comment: So deal with these stresses. Why should you re-create unnecessary jobs? No one will come and buy at their little shops, hairdressers, and other small businesses. This will not happen! Many industries will die out.

And what are you going to do with the vast majority of the population? Where is the real industry? In Russia beyond the Urals or in Central America. And everything else is some serving others. But there will be no need for that.

Remark: People will participate in sports, go to theaters, watch films.

My Comment: They won’t go to theaters, and they won’t participate in sports either. It is enough for them to run a little to warm up on treadmills. How many people go out to engage in sports? It seems to you that there are many of them.

I foresee a big problem. The government will have to print money and feed 90% of the unemployed. There is nothing wrong with that. Let’s think, how were they fed? One sold to another, and the other one to the next person? Services, services, services.

Remark: It is very difficult to get used to the fact that someone will give me a set amount of money. This is already scary. I earned as much as I could. I could earn a lot.

My Comment: And it was called your work? An illusion was created that you were producing some goods, some services.

Remark: No, I made money depending on my abilities. And with this money I could buy pleasure.

My Comment: And now you will do the same.

Remark: But you say: “No, they will give you an allowance so that you won’t die.”

My Comment: You will be given as much as is necessary for a normal life. And it will be the same for absolutely everyone! There is no other way out.

But this is not a critical situation that will pass and something will change. This is the next stage in our development. We will soon see that a huge number of people will receive basic income.

In any case, society will end up giving money for a dignified existence. In accordance with this, some will work in production, while others will be engaged in remaking society—in education, upbringing, and the organization of a new society.

Question: What will be the health in such a society?

Answer: In the morning, people will exercise, go for a swim, each as convenient him or her. I am sure that all this will develop. But precisely for maintaining health, and not for the sake of sports.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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