The Dominant Desire

597.01Question: Can we say that today the desire for self-realization prevails over other desires?

Answer: In our generation, we are already turning the pyramid of desires into a circle. Since all nature is integral and is a huge ball in which all levels are connected and support each other, all the aspirations that manifest in humanity take place, whatever they may be. Not only to wealth, entertainment, knowledge, and discovery, but to absolutely everything.

We cannot say that the modern stage is characterized by something special in comparison with other periods. The only thing is that now a person begins to develop an attraction to reveal the Creator.

In the current generation, the desire for self-realization is more and more evident in the understanding of the main law of the universe.

Question: Psychologist Abraham Maslow believed that no more than 4% of the human population could reach the highest level of the hierarchy of needs (the desire for self-realization). Moreover, a person feels happy even if the thirst for self-realization is satisfied by only 40%.

Do you think that the realization of your potential is the highest point in the pyramid of desires?

Answer: Naturally, if the realization actually occurs. And if the desire is there, but it is not realized?

For example, in our time, many seek not even to know, but to reveal the Creator. Knowledge is open to all, and can be the lot of everyone. But if we are talking about the revelation of the Creator, it is not given to everyone, and therefore, it can no longer be said that a person reaches this state and is happy.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/25/20

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