A Taste For Basic Needs

282.01Question: The needs of the lowest level of our desires do not disappear; they are preserved at all levels. Therefore, even if I am at the top of the pyramid today, will I always have animalistic needs?

Answer: The whole set of them. Each of us contains the entire pyramid of desires. Moreover, the higher we rise in our values, the stronger our connection with the lowest levels becomes.

Therefore, in Kabbalah it is said that the higher a person rises, the stronger his craving for basic needs become—food, sex, family.

Question: That is, it is not that a person begins to neglect them, but on the contrary, he begins to feel a taste for them, a taste for respect, for money, etc.?

Answer: For everything.

Question: Is such a struggle constantly taking place in him?

Answer: This is what his growth is about.

Question: It means that he does not become indifferent to this whole world, money, and everything else?

Answer: Never and in no way. It is only in books they write that spiritual people are supposedly all “God’s dandelions.” On the contrary! As their spiritual desires grow, so do their bodily, egoistic, earthly desires.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills”, 6/25/20

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