When Hearts Sing

943Comment: They say that the most affordable cure for stress when things are bad is singing. Even better to sing in a choir. Italians and Spaniards go out on their balconies and sing.

Scientists say that when we sing, a large part of our brain is activated. The brain has a singing network of neurons that is distributed quite widely. This is a kind of aerobics, in which the body produces endorphins, hormones of joy. This reduces stress levels and improves mood.

My Response: Obviously.

Question: When I sing, is it as if I get emotionally and sensually out of myself and work for someone else?

Answer: For others, for everybody!

Question: Does it mean that the song has a deep, even spiritual meaning?

Answer: They sing together. If the song is choral, then of course, this is a completely different effect.

The choir connects everybody together into one common whole! If at the same time they chant something like Psalms, then there is a very strong impact.

We praise our commonality, our unity, and we want to appeal from within ourselves, from our common whole, to the upper force of nature, to the Creator, in order to contact Him. We are to Him, and He is to us.

In Italy, people tried to do this, and as a result, they have almost nothing.

Comment: First, we need to sort out ourselves in Israel.

My Response: We will not be able to sort out ourselves! Humanity will suffer, but we will suffer more.

Question: What if we would start singing?

Answer: If Israel starts singing together, in chorus, all of humanity will join,  and it will really be an appeal of all of humanity to the upper force. We will rise to the spiritual level, find ourselves in perfection, in health, in eternity.

Question: When you say, “Israel will sing in chorus,” what do you imply by that? What is Israel? Who is this?

Answer: They are just the people of Israel. All those who associate with us, and not necessarily of Jewish origin. If we sing, the whole world will immediately be cured, and absolutely and immediately from all the sicknesses, from all the problems, internal and external ones, and mainly psychological ones.

Question: You say, “We will sing.” What will we sing?

Answer: The heart sings! It sings that I want to unite with everyone and that together with everyone we turn to the Creator. Only with one thing: to help us be together with each other and with Him.

Question: Turning to the Creator, what do I say? What do I sing to Him with my heart?

Answer: To feel only the connection between me, humanity, and the Creator, nothing more.

Question: Do I feel that this is love, that this is bestowal?

Answer: Of course, this is love, this is bestowal, and this is like the feeling of a fetus in the mother’s womb.

Question: In other words, the fetus is singing a blessing for its mother?

Answer: Yes, of course. The best state. There is nothing better!”
From KabTV’s “The News with Michael Laitman” 7/6/20

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