Men And Women: Differences In Spiritual Work

Laitman_089Question: The nature of men and women is very different physically and psychologically and their spiritual roots are also different. Can these differences exist in the context of spiritual work and unification in a group of ten men in contrast to a group of ten women?

Answer: In spiritual work there are no differences between groups of men and women. The only condition is that their tens work separately, otherwise attraction to the opposite sex and so forth can be mixed with Kabbalah. It is impossible to do this in any other way. Men and women should each be in their own group while studying at events, workshops, and everything.

Question: How can we bring about the unity of the whole world if we separate men from women ourselves? Has the time come in which all of us, men and women, unite in our spiritual work?

Answer: When we stop feeling the ego and stop relating to our physical bodies, then the difference between men and women will disappear. Then the sexual attraction to women will not interfere with our attainment of the upper world because only that will attract us then.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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