Why Don’t I Feel The Upper Light?

laitman_276_03Question: What is the upper Light?

Answer: The upper Light is energy that spreads and fills the whole volume of creation and we also use it. At the moment we contain only the energy that each one can grab for himself.

Question: Why don’t I feel the upper Light?

Answer: Because you don’t connect with anyone in a system that can serve as a sensor of the upper Light. This sensor is the group of ten.

Question: Can’t I attain it by myself, independently, if I want to be happy mentally and spiritually?

Answer: Absolutely not since you don’t have the right prerequisites for that. How can you be spiritually happy if you are a loner and an egoist?

The term “spiritual happiness” refers to ascending above yourself, above your corporeal state. To exit yourself means to enter others.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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