Health And Medicine, Part 6

627.2Virus—Man’s Friend

Question: Viruses are by far the most dangerous enemy of man today. The greatest threat to us once were large predators, but today, man himself has become a terrible predator. However, he is powerless against tiny viruses consisting of a DNA molecule, RNA in a protein coat, which behave like intelligent beings. Why is medicine unable to deal with them?

Answer: I believe that viruses are man’s friends. Moreover, viruses are friends of society. They strike in order to force us to change both people and society.

Therefore, we should look upon the virus not as an enemy but as a helper, even if not very pleasant and even threatening. But if we would seriously study what a virus is leading us to and aimed to it, we would not let it manifest itself in us as a disease. We would simply run ahead of the virus toward the changes it is supposed to bring about in our society.

Question: There are millions of different viruses. Some of them are truly man’s friends. They benefit our body. But at some point, these viruses can do harm. What does it depend on?

Answer: It depends on a person. If a person does not seriously change himself, then nature reminds us by the appearance of various problems.

See what we are doing with the world around us! During the two months that we did not work, nature started to come back to life, animals began to appear in parks, the concentration of ozone in the air increased, everything began to shine and sparkle! Now you want it all to go away?

Question: Do you think that our egoistic attitude toward each other causes the problems?

Answer: Not only our attitude toward each other but also the industrial attitude toward the world. With our consumer approach to the vegetative and animate nature, we excite certain forces in it, and it begins to balance us through the manifestation of various breakdowns; in this case, through a virus.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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