Either We Stop Destroying Nature Or The Virus Will “Help Us”

738Question: When people in China came out of lockdown from their rooms and apartments and seemingly were freed a little from the virus, a huge Hermes store opened there. They brought beautiful handbags covered with diamonds, a lot of leather goods, and people started buying. In one day, it made about $2.7 million.

You are saying that person’s way of thinking will change, they will start thinking differently, but a person does not seem to change much. How will this happen?

Answer: A person does not change, but I think that the virus is aimed at preventing us from making money from unnecessary actions. The virus is a consequence of our egoistic attitude to nature, and it will force us to do only what is necessary and sufficient. No more than that. Let’s wait and see.

I do not think there will be a complete return to the past. We have entered such a state with nature where it can no longer tolerate us. Look how the fish jump out of the water. Animals come and seek freedom.

This shows us to what extent we are an alien organism in nature, how we cannot, simply cannot, be an integral element of nature.

Comment: Of course, we took the places where animals once were.

My Response: If we were doing the right thing, nature would not feel this. The wolves would not rush into our parks again, the fish would not jump out of the water for joy that we are not there. I can hear the birds chirping! Everything is different! The air is so much better.

Question: Do you think that civilization, humanity, can harmoniously enter nature?

Answer: Of course. If only this were civilization and not barbarism! Today’s civilization are barbarians! The way it was a thousand, two thousand years ago. Therefore, we need to understand that we cannot continue in this way.

I am sure the virus will not leave us and more new modifications will come. I am sure it will be migrating in its different variations to many parts of the world. I am sure that against the background of suffering from the virus, against the background of fear, there will even be some kind of wars, changes in relations between countries. Especially for America and China I think there will be problems. This is on one hand. On the other hand, these problems will force the world to change.

Comment: Even Bill Gates agrees with you on many things. He says that this will continue for twenty years or more, the virus will not go away. He believes that we should be prepared for this. He has such a mindset. Only the conclusions are different. He says, “We must prepare for this.” That is, prepare injections, doctors. He has no conclusion considering, now let’s try to understand why the virus came.

Your conclusion is that we must change. Why does humanity not come to it?

My Response: It does not see a direct connection between our attitude to each other, to the world around us, to nature and viruses. It does not understand that the virus is a natural particle that we have forced to begin spreading and putting us in order.

Yet, it will change us. Through a long way, through suffering, we will still arrive at the result that we should reach, although we could have come to it through awareness. This is how it will be.

Question: How long will this last?

Answer: Until a person is completely corrected, when one becomes an absolutely clear and correct integral part of all nature, in spite of the huge egoism that exists in him.

Now we have the opportunity to return to nature in a correct way, at least partially. Do not switch on any manufacturing plants that we use to destroy the environment. Leave many people not engaged in unnecessary production that litters everything and produces unnecessary things, but engaged in studying and creating the right relationships among themselves.

This is a great positive force that nature lacks, which must come from a person. At the level of the animalistic world, it occurs by itself: animals act in the way nature dictates. A person, however, must be brought to the right interaction.

Then we will see the person’s impact on the surrounding nature. The Torah says that a little child will lead both wolves and sheep, and they will be friendly with each other. This means that people will participate in nature in such a correct way that the evil force will disappear altogether! The evil force in nature will disappear. In everything!

Today we have no idea what the world around us means. Now wolves appear, fish jump out of the water for the joy that there are no people. We left them for a month, hid in our “dens,” and they are so happy that we moved away from them.

Do you understand what we are doing with nature?! How much it hates us, cannot stand us! When you look at this, you are simply amazed, “Am I really so harmful, so evil?!”  Yes. “Do I really affect this environment so badly?!” I hope the virus will help us.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/20/20

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