The Coronavirus Teaches Mutual Guarantee

Laitman_507.03See what the Creator is doing! We thought that a person could get a new mind and new feelings only through such unconventional blows as world war, natural disasters, volcanic explosions, hurricanes, and tsunamis. But it turns out that this was not necessary. Quietly, unnoticed, some virus appears and does all the work.

It is simply mercy on the part of the Creator to restore order by such methods. The virus has already forced us to close all artificially invented businesses that do not bring any benefit and only pollute the globe. You can already see how we quit doing all sorts of stupid and unnecessary things. All systems that were built in order to boast in front of each other are collapsing, and nothing remains.

From the revelation of the slightest influence of the Creator, in 4 to 5 months we have found ourselves in a new world. We are still being stubborn and do not agree with this world and are unwilling to recognize it. But we must understand that we are entering a new reality. The old life will not return; you will have to live a new life, and the restrictions will only increase.

The world is ruled by one upper force, “there is none else besides it.” But this does not mean that we should bow down and accept such an existence out of hopelessness. We need to acquire the mind and feelings of the Creator and live on the level of His decisions and actions in order for us to agree with everything that is happening today: with the fact that unnecessary places of work are being closed and our lives are changing and with the fact that we have to take more care of each other.

After all, if I infect someone with a virus today, then tomorrow he can infect my children. We are becoming more and more connected and dependent on each other. The coronavirus shows our interdependence. Therefore, it will not work to protest and do what you want, as those who go to demonstrations and refuse to wear masks. There is no way out, I have to educate myself to become responsible for others, and they will be responsible for me, for my family, my children, and all of humanity in general.

The coronavirus teaches us from a distance, little by little, about mutual guarantee. We are already beginning to see a linked, connected world where everyone, whether he wants to or not, affects everyone, and everyone affects him. And all this happened thanks to some tiny virus.

What a mercy from the side of the Creator! We see in the virus the work of the upper force, besides which there is nothing. And what can be done against it, where to find a cure for such a virus? But we do not need a cure for the virus! We need to find a cure for our egoism, and then we will not feel any virus.

There is no other evil in the world but our egoism. If we protected each other from transmitting evil to others, the virus would disappear. The Creator wants us to acquire an intention to bestow, or at least not to harm our neighbor. Meanwhile, we are learning this law in a material form, but soon we will understand where it is in us in a spiritual form, and so we will advance toward the Creator, toward understanding Him, toward the fact that “there is none else besides Him.” We will see this in everything.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/1/20, “There is None Else Besides Him”

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