Will People Lose Their Desire To Be Rich?

547.01Comment: The media is in the hands of wealthy people, and therefore they change public opinion. If today they sell household goods and services, in the future they will sell products and services of a social nature, and still profit from it.

My Response: Why do they need to profit? They will not feel any fulfillment from it. Well, what sort of necessary things can they purchase?

If we give them normal development, they will not enjoy these gains. Let’s say a person buys a castle. What will he do there? Walk around and catch ghosts?

Everything depends on the development of a person. If you give him the right upbringing, he will not have such needs. He will need normal communication in a normal society. Nothing else.

Question: But before we get to the stage of proper education someone has to start implementing this education. Who?

Answer: We, the Kabbalists.

Comment: But for now, all funds are in the hands of rich people. I don’t think they’ve lost their desire to be rich.

My Response: Never mind, gradually it will pass. This is unavoidable. This is the law of nature. According to the plan of nature, we must come to a state of complete harmonious connection with it, that is, to become an integral community.

Question: What is relative equality in society, and how to not come to equalization?

Answer: There should be no such equality in society as under the Soviet regime when everyone was driven to this happiness with a stick.

Question: Indeed, everyone has their own needs. How can this be determined?

Answer: You need to give a person what they need. And then he will reduce his needs to the necessary level due to the education he receives.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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