The Education Of A Lifetime

567.04Question: The aspects of family are the birth of offspring, the satisfaction of sexual needs, emotional support for each other, and the upbringing of children.

Almost a third of our lives are devoted to their education. What is the reason for such a long period? After all, this is not observed in the animal world. Why is it arranged so?

Answer: Man is a very complex being. A person needs to be brought up so that he can not only maintain himself at the animalistic level, but also be a social being and get the skills to interact with his own kind.

These are not just skills in a pack that clearly dictates the rules of behavior from a young age and is understood by all. There is a different adaptation of the person to the environment. He must understand the psychological, internal, mental, and spiritual state of others in order to be in the right balance with them.

Question: The more a society develops, the more time is needed to develop communication between people. If a few thousand years ago 5 to 10 years were enough for this, then today or in the future it will be necessary to educate people for life?

Answer: Sure. Why not? We will learn and work on ourselves all our lives, and all our lives we will change ourselves and the world around us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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