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We have to realize the reason for the coronavirus. If we understand how to transform our interpersonal relationships—all the problems will disappear instantly! Nature’s goal isn’t to lead us through illness and heal us, but for the suffering and viruses to compel us to reveal our bad relationships.

Every day it becomes more and more clear: we have to realize that there is one common enemy—our egoism. We cannot destroy it, but we can rise above it together. The United States shows: society is incapable of regulating itself.
We can still reach an intelligent cooperation, or there’ll be war…

Above all human conspiracy theories and other ploys, in any case, there is the Creator’s plan, which determines our path. We wallow in our thoughts and do not wish to rise to the Creator’s degree, by faith above reason. Everyone stumbles in this place, but he who walks forward enters the Creator’s world.

We do not hear nature’s warnings: that we have to be integral, connected by goodness, and treat each other well. Otherwise with our behavior we determine nature’s behavior and do not allow it to enter balance; hence, we suffer together with all of nature.

The coronavirus is a small blow, coming from love and mercy for people who do not understand the purpose of their life. We have to realize why we have reached blows such as this. Why don’t we hear the first warning of the parent, like good children, in order to change our behavior and live well…?

The situation could have been much worse than the coronavirus epidemic. But the Creator did not use harsher methods. It’s because nature has a goal—to bring all of us to the proper connection. We are living in a time when unity between everyone has to be clearly implemented.

Every illness contains healing, the illness cures. We have to see where the #coronavirus is leading us, and reach this healthy state on our own. For that we have to understand the blow. There is a force behind it that does not wish to simply hurt us, but wishes to cure us.

The virus strikes us on the biological level, affecting society and families. We must therefore understand why nature is treating us this way, and what we can do so we don’t hide from this phenomenon, but get cured.

Before the coronavirus the world was in crisis and people spoke of a world war or ecological catastrophes. The situation was very problematic, there were many problems, like with a person who doesn’t know what illness he has, but manages to inject painkillers for the pain and to somehow keep living.

It’s still early to speak of the future if we do not know the present time, which is not joyful, but constantly brings new restrictions and blows. If we could understand them, we would see the light at the end of the tunnel.
But for now we do not see that things will get brighter. We do not even understand the darkness in which we find ourselves.

One thing becomes clear with each passing day: we must recognize that our one common enemy is our ego. It cannot be destroyed, but we can jointly rise above it. America proves that society is incapable of regulating itself. We can still come to mindful cooperation; the other alternative is war.

Democracy untethered from liberalism turns into dictatorship. Everything stems from disillusionment that the Internet and social media haven’t become a means of enlightenment. The majority think that the government is built on degradation and must therefore be destroyed. The elections produce a doubting elite class.

Just as it happens in any system (organism or machine), the defects accumulate until they manifest as a malfunction. Likewise in society with the coronavirus, the integral dependence of life is manifested.

We must realize that the reason for all our troubles is that society is fragmented by egoism!
From Twitter 9/8/20

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