My Thoughts On Twitter 9/1/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The coronavirus cannot be stopped by masks, by sitting at home and closing down schools. A correction has to be performed at the highest degree—in the relationships between people. When we begin to correct ourselves and establish the right connection we will thereby disable the virus. It is written “Love will cover all crimes!”

The coronavirus emerges due to an improper connection between the elements of creation, which have to begin to connect in our time. In places where connections are meant to emerge, according to the program of development toward the end of correction, viruses emerge out of places of breakage, like out of cracks…

One does not build the soul by own’s own desire, the way one erects a building, but rather one waits for the Creator to build it. The right request to Him passes through unity in the ten to the Creator. I only order this construction, but don’t know how the Creator will build it. Especially when we are building the 3rd Temple.
From Twitter, 9/1/20

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