My Thoughts On Twitter 8/30/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The Creator, a force of good, has created the force of evil for us to reveal Him at the conjunction of these two forces instead of at their opposition. Herein lies our longstanding error!

The whole universe is one system. With our attitude we calibrate all of nature. We can blow up stars, trigger wars, establish peace. Everything depends solely on our connections. If we want good things for the world, we must establish good relations between us, and the world will be that much better off.

The Creator had purposefully broken the law of absolute mutual guarantee so as to give everyone one’s own “I”—a point of shattering from which one could feel that he exists and attains unity, mutual guarantee. Thus we embody the Creator’s name, reveal Him, and raise Him to reign over all of creation.

If I’m willing to give my efforts to the Creator only when I receive pleasure from Him, then I am like a woman who sells herself for money… But if I rise above the condition to bestow only if I receive pleasure, then I become a man, I can then even bestow to the Creator…
From Twitter, 8/30/20

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