Can Society Give A Person The Skills Learned In The Family?

549.02Question: Nature has given us a natural love for children, otherwise we would not be able to create families and raise offspring.

Do you think that some organization or state can take on the role of raising children? What would be the result?

Answer: Firstly, we have such examples in history, beginning with the Spartan upbringing in Ancient Greece and upbringing in special institutions in Ancient Rome, which literally spoiled children.

In addition, they practiced early conscription into the army from the age of ten to fifteen, where they did whatever they wanted with the children. They grew up very cruel, tough people, who could not create normal families. They lacked a sense of empathy to others, and without this, society cannot be created.

Question: That is, society cannot replace the skills that the family provides?

Answer: No. Up to the present day, we see that people who were not brought up in normal families are different from others. No matter how much they want to start a family, they cannot. After all, we always create a family in some way similar to the one we came from.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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