Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/7/20

294.3Question: If a person stops obeying the laws of nature on the level of thoughts and feelings, does this mean that he actually has to change himself on this level?

Answer: We don’t need anything else. Thoughts and feelings are what we have. Once we see that we don’t operate correctly—and this happens in our thoughts and feelings—we will begin to change. We don’t need any motion at all. Our future is eventually beyond the physical world.

Remark: According to what you say, unity between people is the remedy against viruses since the virus fears the unity between us. But we see that it is the opposite, that the remedy against the spreading of the virus is keeping our distance and isolation.

My Comment: This is the case now because we are still egoists. If we don’t want to impact each other negatively and make room for the virus between us, we need to draw away from each other.

Question: We need to change our perception of others, and then different practical actions will develop as a result. This means that you don’t advise us to do anything except change our attitude. But is that possible without practical actions?

Answer: No, we need to perform practical actions and we need to help each other so that each of us will constantly change our perspective of others for the better.

Question: If, under the threat of destruction, humanity understands that the solution to the problem is only the struggle with our ego, and people will begin to artificially relate to each other seemingly with love, what will we gain from that?

Answer: It will enable us to draw the positive force of nature that can raise us above our ego and give us the strength to use it correctly.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/7/20

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