My Thoughts On Twitter 9/7/20

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The blows of the coronavirus on all facets of life are showing us that we have entered a new period of development, when nature no longer treats us as children, but as adults—and punishes us, showing that change for the better depends on the degree of proper relationships between people.

Three kinds of forces of reception that are revealed in our world are three degrees: still, vegetative, and animate. The human being is the transitionary degree to the upper world, to its still, vegetative, and animate degrees. Onward, Adam, the human being of the upper world—is already the state of adhesion with the Creator.

Even though I’m only one Sefira in the ten, when I calibrate myself toward the other 9, I come to realize what’s required of me. Like tuning a guitar, I check each string relative to the rest. In the same way, I tune myself relative to the group.
Otherwise, my state is never going to change…

The ten and the world group protect the person inside it. That is why in Kabbalah the 10 Sefirot are called Blima (consuming). That is, consuming all external influences. And the Creator evokes such influences upon us that, by the good path or the bad, we will come to the necessity of finding shelter in the ten!
From Twitter, 9/7/20

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