It Hurts Me That The Entire World Is Suffering

523The most important thing is to feel that today’s crisis is the common problem that unites us and helps us understand that we are connected with each other.

Let us all pledge that from this moment onward when we think about the coronavirus in relation to our family, our city, the school our child is going to, and our work, we will worry about all of humanity.

We will want all of humanity to be cured of the coronavirus, which is caused by our egoism that is revealed more and more every day. If we feel close to each other and are able to connect and embrace, then all viruses will disappear.

As soon as we think about our personal misfortune, let’s expand it a little and think about our common, global problem.

Egoists are usually happy that the whole world is suffering because then their own problem does not seem so terrible anymore, as it is said, “A trouble shared is a trouble halved.” But here it is just the opposite: I suffer for the entire world. My suffering is much greater if I see that not only am I suffering for my children, family, relatives, acquaintances, but all of humanity is suffering.

We need to start treating it differently. The fact that everyone is suffering with me does not make me feel better, but on the contrary, it hurts me much more because the entire world is suffering.
From the Lesson for Women 8/29/20

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