Painful Symptoms Of Recovery

627.2Everyone is waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to finally end. But this is only the beginning. After all, it must change the thinking of all mankind, a huge mass of completely different people. They need time to digest this state, to feel it, to understand where it comes from and why.

It takes time, at least a few more months. By autumn, this condition should already have become familiar. One can even get used to blows, like a chronic disease that a person has already learned to live with. He knows how to deal with it, how to treat it.

The same thing will happen with the coronavirus. The system has not yet stabilized and is reacting to the impact with sharp jumps. But gradually this transition process will subside, and the system will take on a new state. We are talking about a mass of billions of people and all sorts of problems: some suffer from hunger, others from fires, and others from droughts, hurricanes. But we will already perceive these problems integrally, together.

Then there will be a period when there will be a shortage of the most necessary products, food, water, medicine, and electricity. All this will lower the demands of humanity; it will force them to become more modest. No one will be eager to fly around the world in search of entertainment. The coronavirus will teach us the wisdom of life.

We only need to know that we are in an integral system that is moving toward a new state of balance, originally planned in nature. Now this process is developing, bringing us different states. If we support the development process, then the states will be good, and if we don’t support it, then the states will be bad in order to correct us.

Nothing happens by accident, but only for the purpose of correction. If we check what is happening today relative to the final goal, we will find that there is a constant relationship between the current state and the end point. Therefore, it will be easy for us to see that everything is being done purposefully.

The main thing in this process is an ever-increasing connection. Now we are divided, opposite to each other, and therefore we suffer so that suffering will push us to connect. But as we connect, we will come closer to correction. And the final correction is one man with one heart and love of your neighbor as yourself.

We do not want this connection and do not agree with it, but nature guides us from state to state until we agree and are convinced about how good it is. Just as children first quarrel and fight until they grow up and become wiser.

The coronavirus pandemic is given for our cure. At the end of this period, we will be much healthier and our relations will become much kinder both between people and between countries. Now the borders are being closed due to the pandemic. But we will come to the conclusion that all countries will be recommended to destroy all weapons because connection is the only salvation that allows us to get out of the problems imposed on us by the coronavirus.

It turns out that the virus is not a disease, but symptoms of recovery. This is how it happens with every disease, we do not feel the disease itself, but the reaction of the body, which is trying to recover. Painful symptoms are signs of recovery. With the help of the coronavirus pandemic, the Creator shows us the way.

The coronavirus propels us forward. It is only necessary not to evaluate it sensually and hide, but do the right homework with its help. That is, first distance ourselves from each other, as it demands, and then check in what form we can get closer.

If I could consider others and think only about them and not about myself, there would be no problem with the virus. I could easily go outside and go anywhere, because if I care about my neighbor, I will not harm him or transmit the virus. And so it is all around.

People still do not understand it right now, but in a few months it will be clear that the coronavirus wants to organize the right connections between us so that everyone thinks about the others. And then we will all be healthy immediately.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/20

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