Life And Death, Part 5

737.01Why do we have to be born again?

Question: Is it possible to say that apart from the constant renewal of Reshimot (informational genetic data) a person needs to change his physiological body every few tens or hundreds of years in order to be born again in some different environment and connect with different souls, people?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary.

Question: So I do understand this correctly?

Answer: More or less. In our world, we cannot use our vocabulary to express what is actually happening in the spiritual world. However, at least imagine it that way. At least, the truth is that because of this we begin to make a calculation: what happens to me, what I should do?

Question: Does a person need to die so that the knowledge and experience he has acquired in this world will pass to feelings? For example, Baal HaSulam gives an example with wheat: the grain must rot so that a new sprout will grow from it.

Answer: Yes. That is right. In this way, there is a transition of quality to quantity or, conversely, quantity to quality. A person lives some 80 to 100 years and all that he has acquired, all his experiences, are embodied in his descendants.

Question: Where is this all stored?

Answer: The informational data exists in the information field around the person.

Question: Is this field common for everyone or does each one have his own?

Answer: Each one has his personal field and there is one common field for everybody that leads us all. We see even in our world how we are developing: all of humanity is drawn somewhere, but each has one’s own personal destiny.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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