Life And Death, Part 4

laitman_224Fear of Death and Other Psychological Metamorphosis

Question: In our world, somebody lives, somebody dies. Why is this process happening?

Answer: In our world, everything happens by analogy with the upper world. When in the spiritual world desires and intentions come together and the quality of bestowal arises in them, it is called life.

If these desires fall apart and cannot connect with each other in order to conduct the quality of bestowal and love, this separation is called death.

Question: Are there any special burial rituals according to Kabbalistic laws?

Answer: Absolutely not! Kabbalah has nothing to do with our body. It considers it just an animal and does not talk about it in any way.

Question: Why is there a fear of death?

Answer: The fear of death exists because a person does not know what is next. It seems to him that he continues to exist.

Question: I will clarify the question: why does the Creator cause us to fear death? Imagine a reality in which a person would not be afraid of death.

Answer: God forbid. Then he would not achieve any results in his life but would just exist. The fear of death from our youth pushes us forward to the meaning of life, to achieve, to accomplish, and to reveal it.

Question: What can you say about clinical death? Many people who have experienced it went through the same states: they see light, a tunnel, and they feel they are outside the body.

Answer: I have also experienced them and felt them myself. These are all sorts of psychological metamorphoses that we feel in a state of clinical death. They have nothing to do with spiritual states.

Question: Is it possible to say that a tragic death is a punishment for some sins? Or Kabbalah does not think so?

Answer: No. We cannot attribute different situations to our understanding of why this happened and what will happen next.

A person should always feel in a state of freewill, freedom of choice: what I exist for, what I live for, how can I rise to the level where I actually will do something really useful in my life.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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