Life And Death, Part 1

laitman_444What Is the Basis of Life?

Question: In the old Soviet encyclopedic dictionary, life is defined as “a form of existence of matter, which naturally occurs under certain conditions in the process of its development.”

Living objects differ from inanimate ones by metabolism, irritability, ability to reproduce, grow, various forms of movement, and adaptability to the environment.

Do you as a Kabbalist agree with this definition of life?

Answer: If we are talking about the form of existence of protein matter, about the way life originated and how it developed over billions of years, then, of course, this is true.

Life is one of the possible ways of existence of matter. In our world, this is protein matter because we discuss the organism’s animal existence. Yet, it is entirely possible that it can be built on other foundations.

Question: What is the basis of life?

Answer: At the basis of life is a force that develops any matter to the point that it captures and absorbs the environment for its further development. That is, development itself is the goal of life. Since this development cannot be continuous and infinite, it is interrupted by individual deaths. However, it still constantly progresses.

Question: What distinguishes living matter from inanimate matter?

Answer: Оnly the desire to realize oneself at the next, higher degree.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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