Live On Two Floors At The Same Time

laitman_962.8The strength of connection within a ten is measured by the kind of disturbances we are able to connect. The egoism, which separates us and arouses hatred toward each other, is revealed, and we begin to unite on top of it. But mutual rejection remains inside, and we work precisely with these two states.

Check in your ten whether you go through states where you do not want to connect but make efforts to unite without eliminating contradictions and discord between you. Inside, on the lower floor, you are ready to kill each other. And atop this, you achieve love of your friends. If you are able to build such a relationship, then this is called “a ten,” and if you cannot, this is still not a ten. It is a simple condition, just two floors: all transgressions will be covered by love.

All friends in the ten should feel how egoism burns inside each of them, resisting unification, and how on top of this they understand that in spite of everything, they have to unite. Both of these floors must remain in us, so that between them we reveal the presence of the Creator within us. From the lower floor comes the force of desire (Aviut), and from the upper floor comes the force of intention (Zakut) from which we build a spiritual vessel (Kli) to reveal the Creator. And if we feel no rejection to each other, it is a sign that we are not trying to unite. This is the law.1

We must learn to live on two floors at the same time, between hatred and love, which support each other. Hatred is the heat, the fire that ignites love, which flares up more and more. One cannot exist without the other, plus cannot exist without minus; we only need to understand how to combine these opposites in our sensation. And this is not easy because our instinctive, natural response is to get rid of hatred.2

We leave all our quarrels and disagreements as they are, we do not even want to look at each other; but on top of this we begin to unite in the exact opposite form. I love what I hated, I connect with what I rejected, and I do not take my eyes off whoever I did not want to look at. I accomplish this overcoming by building one floor above the other. Only in this form is a spiritual vessel built.

By fomenting quarrels between us, the Creator gives us the opportunity to build an ever-growing Kli. Therefore, we must rejoice that a conflict suddenly flares up between us and be creative about what the Creator does with us. It is wonderful that He awakens enmity between us. It has existed for a long time; nothing new is emerging. All this hatred comes from the shattering, from a pit teeming with snakes, but it opens gradually so that on top of it we can build another and still another layer of connection.

Therefore, we must rejoice in the bad as we do in the good, because the good alone cannot build a powerful Kli. Let us mature and begin to build ourselves correctly.

We need to maintain constant balance: if we covered hatred with love, we need to check where the hatred disappeared, why it no longer pops up. Where is this snake, why doesn’t it raise its head? Apparently, we give it no incentives, and it has no reason to rise. You need to gain experience with good and evil. It is like in a family in which the couple never quarrels, they cannot awaken love. Therefore, they purposely tease each other to increase sensitivity in their relationship.3

We must try to feel how the Creator plays with us like He plays the violin: to be sensitive, ready and to invite the Creator. The whole world is the Creator’s appeal to creation in all possible forms, through sounds, images, colors, all this is the language of the Creator. If a person is able to perceive this language, feel, understand, and respond to it, then he gets connected with creation and the Creator within himself.

It is necessary to break away from the feeder because it is inappropriate for a person to eat from the same trough with a donkey. This means that I relate to reality not purely pragmatically, primitively, like an animal, but I see the melody of the Creator in it.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/19/19, Writing of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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