Moving Into A World Ten

laitman_962.8Expansion and contraction are signs of spiritual life understandable only to those who have made very good progress. Due to the congress, to our connection, we reach a greater power of the spiritual vessel, nearing the revelation of the Creator. We can see these examples in our world: little children need books with big colorful pictures, large building blocks. For professionals, specialists with experience, a few words are enough to understand more than a beginner would from a long story.

Expansion and contraction happen inside the group and inside an individual as they draw nearer to or farther from the Creator. This is how the Creator plays with us because we are always between two forces, seemingly negative and positive. Therefore, only due to our connection in the worldwide Kabbalistic group (the world spiritual Kli) can we achieve greater force and quickly develop spiritual qualities in the general system.

You cannot notice many details inside a small ten, but if the ten expands, more discoveries can be made in it. Even our inability to unite is an important revelation for our advancement. Phenomena, properties, and flaws uncovered in a large group are also present in a small ten as well, but they are undetectable.

We thought that everything was fine, that we were united, but now we enter the common world Kli and realize how much disorder, contradiction, and misunderstanding there is. We need to realize that the general and the particular are equal in spirituality. We simply magnified the scale, and as if under a magnifying glass, we can see in the huge world ten all the things that were also present in a small ten. It is all one system.

Therefore, it is greatly beneficial to come out of the personal ten and see Europe as one ten. Of course, we will find confusion and lack of connection there, a mixture of all languages and a myriad of other problems. But have no doubt that all these problems are also present in every small ten speaking the same language and living in the same city.

The principle is: we enter a big Kli in order to see that which was impossible to notice in a small Kli. This is a specific benefit that really helps us advance.

The expansion, the breath we take when we go outside, fills us with cold external air. Do not fear this cold, this confusion, distance, contradictions, lack of understanding, and resistance of the groups and people unwilling to connect. After all, we find ourselves in Babylon where fragmentation reigns, but we happen to be the chosen ones who have to show the way toward unity, just like the group that Abraham gathered. Let’s internalize this tremendous work that Abraham did.

I must see the whole European congress as my own small ten I am used to, where I feel myself at home among close people. I will remain in the same ten, but I will see what is actually hidden inside it, in each of the friends and in all of us together. It is a very important exercise that increases my desire and creates a new Kli, with all the details of the shattering that were unnoticed before. Now I see everything and I am ready to work to make a spiritual correction.1

Going out into the general world ten allows me to dive deeper into my own private ten. My ten had ten friends and now there is a whole group in place of each of them, each friend became a ten. Afterward, each person in that ten becomes a 10, and so on. Each time we multiply ten times: 10 —> 100 —> 1,000 —> 10,000.

Personally, I do not possess the instruments needed to detect such fine details. I need a microscope to see what lies inside each friend. In order to understand my ten, I need to reveal each friend who has a second ten within him, and a third, and fourth, etc., until our ten accumulates to 600,000 people.

All the billions of people are included in my friends in the ten as their private Sefirot. I only see the main, general Sefirot and cannot understand anything because this is an accumulation of all the private Sefirot that stand behind them.

If I cannot see the billions of people included in my friend in all the details, I cannot connect to them. Without a connection with them, I cannot connect to the Creator or perceive Him, nor can I understand or feel Him! Correction entails complete unity of all inhabitants of our world, of all souls as a single system. I keep seeing my private ten before me, but I begin to understand that inside it lies the whole world.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/19, The Benefit of Moving into a World Ten – Contraction and Expansion”(Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

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