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laitman_962.1Contraction and expansion are the consequences of the shattering of the common soul of Adam. We cannot just expand at will and emerge from our boundaries. We are always within our desire created by the Creator, but we can use it either in its corrupted or corrected form.

Therefore, expansion and contraction indicate to what extent we can take our corrupted desires and turn them into corrected ones. This is our work. Contraction and expansion happen only in relation to an intention for my own sake or for the sake of bestowal, but inside the same desire.

Each time we win back a little more additional territory from egoism and invert it to holiness, that is, to bestowal. We need to reach the front line where the border between the Klipa and the holiness lies, and try with the help of the Creator, that is, the prayer, our connection, and appeal to the Creator, to push back the forces of impurity and pass this part to the authority of holiness. We need to continue in this way, constantly standing guard over bestowal and further freeing the field blessed by the Creator.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/30/19, The Benefit of Moving into a World Ten – Contraction and Expansion” (Preparation for the Convention in Bulgaria)

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