Contractions That Precede The Birth Of A New World

Contractions That Precede The Birth Of A New WorldQuestion: Have we reached the lowest point from the Creator?

Answer: We are at a doorstep of sensing the Creator. We can tell by observing what is going on in the world and within ourselves. We exerted enough, held a huge number of conventions, including the ones in the desert. We hope that this current convention, the upcoming Passover week in Israel, as well as our efforts that are directed to unity and mutual connection will become the last attempt and we will attain revelation.

We don’t know when it will happen. It always happens unexpectedly. It’s described in the original sources. Generally speaking, we are standing at the doorstep of a spiritual revelation. As a rule, it always emerges out of the darkness. The transition to the next step always takes place similar to the exodus from Egypt in the middle of the night or to the birth of a child who comes into the world out of nothing, from the darkness.

Let’s hope that we will attain revelation here and now. We have to stay alert, wait, and wish for it to happen to us every minute of our lives. Even if it doesn’t happen immediately, still my personal understanding and experience tells me that it will definitely happen.

By no means can I sign for it or pledge that it will happen since everything that occurs to us depends on the entire the world. That’s why neither I nor the greatest Kabbalist of the world are capable of predicting how and when it will happen. We are pioneers. Past Kabbalists were individualists; they revealed spirituality among themselves, in small groups, such as Rabbi Shimon’s disciples, students of the ARI, Ramchal, and Baal HaSulam.

Now, it’s our turn to transition to the next level. I can’t accurately predict the exact date or any specific conditions that will bring us to revelation. Nevertheless, we are at the doorstep, on the eve of entering a spiritual realm. Nine months of intrauterine development are over and the labor has already started. This is the state we are in at this time. It can last for a while, similarly to how a child moves slightly back and forth, and the mother senses this movement as birth contractions. We are already at this stage.

Question: Is it the lowest point from the Creator in respect to the humanity?

Answer: It’s the farthest point and at the same time it’s the closest one. After all, there has to be a difference of potentials.

Contractions That Precede The Birth Of A New World

On one hand, “birth contractions,” a huge tension and tremendous efforts, are inevitable. One may wonder, what is happening? But we know from everyday life that this is the way children are born. Everything will turn out well.

Question: How do we sense the life of this point: individually inside each of us or in the group?

Answer: It’s not a point any more. We will be born when we connect. Connection among us will be a construction consisting of ten parts, ten Sefirotthe first image of an infant that we will birth. This construction of ten parts has to have a certain structure: an internal tension and a huge power that connects all antagonistic, egoistic, desires together. A unity of complete opposites creates a “voltage” where the upper Light becomes revealed.

It’s a law of physics, a superficial molecular tension, nothing but that! We observe the same things in everything around us: in nature, in technologies. Any natural phenomena are built from opposites.
From the European Convention 3/22/13, Lesson 1

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