Starting To Work With The Light

Starting To Work With The LightWhen the descent ends, you begin to realize that it would be better to control it and to ask for a Masach (screen) that would enable you to transcend such state. Then, despite the inner repulsion, you would be able to aspire to the friends and to still feel love and connection. You understand that this is the better way.

The first time it happens, you can’t make any decisions while in the state of descent. You only feel how total darkness falls on you, burying you under it. Then you examine yourself and think that it could be good to learn to somehow control such states. The next time darkness comes, you try to somehow resist it and ask for help.

You don’t really succeed, but when the darkness disappears, you examine yourself again and think with what to arm yourself for the next round of darkness so as to ask for a screen. Thus, each time you grow wiser since “there is no wiser than the experienced.” Eventually, your reach a state in which you begin to demand a screenyou begin to work with the Light.

This is the most important moment in our work: being able to see the Creator as your partner and to actually start working with Him, as it says, “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me.”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/28/13

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  1. I felt t hi is screen today….it felt good to forget about mr f or a change.

  2. hello dear sir , i am from Iran i really like to learn these lessons , how could we use these lessons to persian ? we dont have these groups in iran, can we correct us without group ?

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