The Method To Constantly Increase Love: Kabbalah

laitman_963.1If today it is harder for us to concentrate and we do not have the same sharpness of mind and sensations as yesterday, we must be happy about it. It means that additional will to receive was revealed to us, which we need to attach and see it not as a descent but as an advancement in the left line. In our connection, we must overcome this additional egoism and reach a new sensation that is even stronger, deeper, and sharper than the one we had yesterday.

Yesterday we had an incredible sharpness of feeling and understanding and today I am in some dumb state, half asleep. And here we need action, a common effort of all of us together in order to connect even more. The Creator has pushed us away from each other, expanded our Kli, added one more drop of egoism to us, and we must perform contraction. Thus, we will gradually learn to control our expansions and contractions through prayer. We ourselves will want to add a desire  to us in order to later work on it, and so again and again.

Therefore, now we should try to think about everyone and connect everyone in order to quickly bring back at least the same sharpness of feelings and mind that we had yesterday. And it is better to think not about yesterday but about the new state.1

What is the difference between the Reshimo de Hitlabshut and the Reshimo de Aviut? Reshimo de Hitlabshut is when I can only imagine how the Creator is clothing in me and Reshimo de Aviut is when I already can feel Him and work with Him. Reshimo de Hitlabshut is above my desire and Reshimo de Aviut is within my desire.2

I want to not simply reveal the Creator, I want Him to clothe in our connection. That is, I want to feel the Creator as a correction of the relationships between us: unity, love, connection, mutual help, and warmth, in order to reveal Him in our substance, in our connections.

I want to feel the deficiency for something I absolutely do not need. I have no need to bestow to others, and this is my problem. However, I want to feel the urgent need for bestowal as if I suffer from hunger or thirst. And for me to be filled with the very desire to bestow like the first love that overflows the heart with romantic dreams and does not require anything else.

I want to be sick with love for the Creator, but the problem is that I do not feel any need for Him. The deficiency is the fulfillment, and I want to be filled with yearning, desire, and longing for my beloved.3

Before receiving pleasure, it is necessary to develop a desire for it. Deficiency is an integral part of fulfillment; without deficiency, it is impossible to feel it. Therefore, we must take care of the deficiency. In the corporeal world if I feel the need for love, I connect with the one I love and love fades away. After all, I received what I wanted. Then we even begin to quarrel.

This does not happen in the spiritual world because I do not connect with my beloved. Our connection is determined by the similarity of our qualities: how much He loves me and I love Him. Therefore, our desires do not fade but only expand. The method of constantly increasing one’s love is called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is a science! The science of receiving, when we receive and want more all the time.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/19, “Preparation to the Europe Convention”

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