Do You Believe That We’re Nearing The Time When Israel Will Be Destroyed? (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Do you believe that nearing the end of the day Israel will be destroyed?

Indeed, we are in an era of growing hostility toward Israel running parallel with an exponential rise in anti-Semitic crimes and threats around the world.

However, the extent of destruction, or its opposite, a bright and blossoming future, for Israel depends solely on the people of Israel.

If we determine a goal before us, where we want to reach unity of the people of Israel in order for a spirit of unity to spread worldwide, then we’ll see all negativity toward Israel disappear, and in its place, witness a refreshingly new positive response from the world.

We cannot imagine what such a change would look like. For instance, world leaders who currently hold anti-Israel stances would suddenly start feeling the need to help Israel. The effect of this critical mass of people uniting would shift the tectonic plates of human consciousness into a positive “click,” and everyone would think, feel and interact more harmoniously. Moreover, the people of Israel would be felt as hubs in the human network of this newfound harmony.

Therefore, destruction or progress of the people of Israel depends solely on our behavior. If we take steps to unite, it will work to ours and everyone’s favor, and if we reject such steps, hatred and resentment toward us will continue rising to extents that could be far worse than the Holocaust.

Despite our widespread recognition as a smart and progressive people, we also have a distinctive foolish side: we forget our past. After the end of the Holocaust, we should have made a summary on how to never reach such a terrifying state ever again, but we did nothing of the sort.

While we make egoistic strides in the world, behaving as any other nation does, we fail to recognize that we’re actually in a coma-like state in relation to the ideology that made us the people of Israel to begin with: “Love your neighbor as yourself,” which our ancestors achieved under the guidance of Abraham some 3,800 years ago. After uniting for a brief period, our relations soon after shattered into unfounded hatred, and from the ruin of the Temple onward till today, we experience mutual rejection—our Achilles heel.

For the time being, there is mercy on us. We can still maneuver our lives in Israel and around the world relatively peacefully, regardless of the increasing anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiment. It is my hope that we make the most of the time we have left to unite and become a positive example of unity for the world. Otherwise, the tides could turn very quickly, and we could suddenly find ourselves trapped on a road to destruction.

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