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Moses isn’t a person, but a desire that is completely devoted to the Creator. Moses is a trusted guide, showing the example, caring for us, and drawing the quality of bestowal above so that by revealing this quality inside of us, we will build the Creator’s form inside of us. The quality of Moses brings us to equivalence with the Creator, adhesion with Him.

When the force of bestowal and the force of reception combine in the right form and increase each other in the middle line, the middle line occurs in a person not as a simple sum of right and left lines, but as a demonstration by each of its oppositeness and its greatness.

Man, Adam,  means “similar” (Domeh) to the Creator. Jacob is the most important of the three forefathers—these are qualities that are revealed in a person to the extent of his equivalence to the Creator. The quality of Jacob is called Tifferet – splendor, beauty, honor, the Creator’s qualities that are revealed inside of creation.

Jacob is the most important spiritual quality. Abraham symbolizes bestowal from the Creator, Isaac – revelation of the will to enjoy in creation. Jacob is the unity of the two qualities, bestowal and reception, the right and left line, through man’s inner work to connect the two lines by which he becomes like the Creator.
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