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Before You Take Revenge…

632.3Confucius: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Before taking revenge, I would dig one grave. Dig a grave for yourself, for your soul, because your egoism remains and will dance and have fun on this grave.

Question: That is, all arguments are always with myself?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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My Thoughts On Twitter 10/26/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If a Klipa (egoistic desire) exists between us, that is where viruses can enter. But if there’s a space for holiness between us, a good connection to one another, then no harmful virus will be able to enter inside. That would be against nature’s law.

We must establish a connection between us around the entire globe. This will protect us, fill us with confidence and joy, and raise our immunity against the #Coronavirus and all other #diseases. No harmful agent will be able to get close to us, for everything depends solely on our connections.

We are born in this world, the worst of all the worlds. Let us rise to a better state! The Creator wants us to be in joy, so that, through unity, we would achieve absolute good, the upper world that is full of light and devoid of evil. The Creator draws closer when the group is brimming with joy and good connections.

We shouldn’t fear being distant or disconnected from the Creator. Even now we are in adhesion with Him, inside the Creator. So now, out of this state, let us build on the sensation of being close with the Creator, the desire to cling to Him with our hearts and minds, with all our thoughts. Nothing changes except for one’s conscious awareness.

We shouldn’t try to fight our desire—we’re never going to succeed in opposing it. We need only to ask the Creator, and everything will work out. We want the Creator to open within us the quality of bestowal, that is to reveal Himself. Then man will become like the Creator.

When the ego (desire) dies, I stop demanding for myself and become free. My eyes open, as well as sensations I hadn’t felt before, which were blocked, and I begin to sense the upper world. We need to rise above the ego through our unity, and ask the Creator to give us the force of bestowal to be in adhesion with Him.

We are eternal creatures! But we don’t feel it, as we’re locked in a tight cage that is this world. In all the universe, there is no place worse than the world we live in. Let us not be content with it. Let us awaken and look up! We must escape the authority of the ego—which aims to devour more and more—and reveal the true life.

When we find ourselves in the flow of the light of faith, it wraps us from all sides and transports us from state to state. We see other dimensions in the light of faith: not three dimensional coordinates, but an infinite number of dimensions. A round, integral world that has no end, above time and space.

There exists a spiritual reality above our world. We don’t feel it, don’t know it, don’t want to come to it. In our world, everything happens between egos-desires, with each pulling toward itself. In the upper, spiritual world, everything is the opposite: each tries to act for the benefit of the other. This is the antiworld.
From Twitter, 10/26/20

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The Vector

527.03The point of an action is measured and evaluated only according to its intention. The intention to give more brings a person closer to the Creator, while the intention to receive more removes him from the Creator.

And in the middle between the intention to bestow and the intention to receive is a neutral, zero point from which a person decides where he is: in the spiritual or in the corporeal world.

The entire spiritual world operates in the intention to bestow, and as soon as we act egotistically, we immediately feel the corporeal world. How much to give and how much to receive is not so important anymore. The main thing that puts us on one or the other side of the border between spirituality and corporeality is our intention.

The main test is in what a person is yearning for, not how strong his desire is. A change of intention is like changing the car gear from forward to reverse depending on which I move forward, toward the Creator and the creatures, or backward.

The intention depends on where my heart is directed: outward toward others, toward the friends and through them to the Creator, or to myself. This determines where I go. Do I work for the Creator or for myself? Do I move toward my friends and through them toward the Creator or do I draw closer to myself? All this depends on the intention, and only after on the desire that obeys it.

To test the intention, one must distance himself from the action itself so that it becomes unimportant, and the main thing is: for whose sake am I doing this, and who will benefit from it. This determines whether I am in the Creator’s world or in my own world, in my shell.

The intention, directed outward or inward, divides my reality into two parts: a part that relates to me, meaning “I,” “mine,” and a part outside of me, meaning the friends and the Creator. If I want to exist in the Creator’s world and not in my small, animal world, then I must constantly check the direction of my thoughts.

The Book of Zohar says that people with an egoistic intention have their eyes looking inside themselves, they are completely blind and do not see the vast world around them. They cannot imagine anything but this world, and so they live in it and die.

This life is given in order to change the direction of one’s gaze from oneself outward and to reveal the world of the Creator called the upper world. And the lower world is the one that we see when we look inward at ourselves and care only for ourselves.

I must check where the vector of my thoughts and desires is directed—toward me, toward my benefit, or toward others and through them toward the Creator? That is, where is my heart reaching?
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Love of God and the Love of Man”

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“How Has Covid19 Changed The Future Of Humanity?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How has covid19 changed the future of humanity?” The longer we endure the coronavirus pandemic, the more we undergo changes that have a major impact on our future.

At the beginning of the outbreak, many thought that COVID-19 was going to be over in a matter of weeks. Weeks soon became months, and today, it has become a lot clearer that it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The pandemic’s relentless perseverance to continue its worldwide spread is tiring and upsetting many people. Our pre-coronavirus lives, which we ran on a competitive consumerist treadmill, came to a halt, and more and more people have found themselves with no future worth striving for.

In such a slumber-like state, some react explosively in riots and protests, and others become quietly depressed, but a general fatigue has expanded throughout humanity. Indeed, there are also risks that people will rise from the pandemic in wars, both within and between countries.

If people have no clear perspective and purpose in their lives, not knowing how to navigate their lives into the future, then the lack of a hopeful vision gives rise to sensations of powerlessness and helplessness.

However, with regard to our future, our lives were quite similar in pre-coronavirus times. That is, we were playing an egoistic-consumerist game, and our main preoccupation was to simply keep playing it. Most of us were not very focused on where our lives were ultimately headed. Now, it is as if nature confiscated our game, and we feel that we cannot earn and spend ad nauseam as we once did.

How, then, can we advance from here?

Since the coronavirus has made it all the more taxing to take care of ourselves, then perhaps this despair will urge us to arrive at a decision where we will need to take more care of each other.

Our powerlessness, helplessness and dissatisfaction in our personal lives might just be what we need in order to change society’s modus operandi, where instead of looking out for number one all the time—me, myself and mine—which gives rise to an array of negative sensations, we will instead be able to find true fulfillment, strength, happiness, and a reason to live, if we support one another.

Then, when we start living our lives not for our own sake, but in mutual support and consideration of each other, we will see life differently.

We will discover a fresh new purpose to our lives, as we will come closer to aligning our relations with the global and perfect interconnectedness existing in nature. Such a calibration between us and nature would resuscitate us with completely new sensations of livelihood, high spirits and energy, which we currently cannot even imagine. We would then replace the egoistic-consumerist child’s game that we played leading up to the coronavirus with a new game for adults: our active participation to upgrade human relations in order to reach balance with nature.

Photo by Tom Ritson on Unsplash.

Guide For Round Tables, Part 21

528.02The Main Job of Humanity

Question: You constantly speak about the method of the circle as a method of creating strong connections between people. The product of the action in the circle is a positive force of nature.

What is it about? You say that this will be people’s work in the future. What will they produce?

Answer: Generalization, connection, and unification of people, which will lead to the integration of all of humanity. And this is currently the biggest and the most important job of all people in the world.

Remark: Imagine a country where people at work and in the family use round tables and thus generate good, kind connections.

My Comment: This is the actual product of their activities. They don’t have to do anything else.

Question: And some of them will get paid for this?

Answer: They need to ensure a normal existence. It is quite possible that a certain part of society, half or even more, will be engaged constantly in organizing such actions for mutual connection in the form of circles.

Question: Do you think it will be possible to verify this with some measurements or research?

Answer: Everyone will be convinced that it is this connection between people that leads to abundance, to the fact that they can have everything.

Question: In other words, the effects of the product we are talking about can be measured in the economy, medicine, and everywhere else?

Answer: No problem. All this can be measured.
From KabTV’s “Management skills” 7/9/20

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New Life 481 – The Relations In Leadership

New Life 481 – The Relations In Leadership
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

Those who come to power are more egoistic than anyone else and must step on others in order to feel alive. People who have different interests will be able to cooperate only if there is a higher common goal. A good example is an external threat like war but a great, Godly reward can also unite people. Nature’s plan indicates that we are parts of an integral, global mechanism and that all of humanity needs to evolve to a state of mutual harmony, complementation, love, and eternal joy in the here and now. The key is to learn to “love thy friend as thyself” and become as one man in one heart.
From KabTV’s “New Life 481 – The Relations In Leadership,” 12/23/14

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How To Feel Free

760.4Question: Does a person have any freedom of choice?

Answer: No. The freedom of choice is only in moving toward the purpose that is designated for you, by your own efforts or in spite of them.

Question: How can a person feel free, even if there is no freedom of choice? How can I feel like that?

Answer: A person can feel free when he is in harmony with nature, swims along this current. If he feels this harmony, then there is no life and death for him but just one eternal movement.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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Our Faithful Assistant

115.06Question: A study was conducted at Harvard for 80 years where scientists have tried to figure out the main factor for happiness in people’s lives. They concluded that relationships between people is most important.

On one hand, we really want to be happy, and we understand that the most important factor is relationships. We invest a lot of money in medicine, devote a lot of time to a healthy lifestyle even though we understand that the decisive factor even for human health is the relationship between people.

And still, no matter how much we invest, we cannot fully realize, even purely selfishly, that relationships between us are the most important thing. Why?

Answer: Because egoism is a helper against you. It does not just push you to do what is good for you. This is a very special assistant that leads you not to achieve the most comfortable animal state, but to achieve a higher state. Only in a special way.

Selfishness is built based on the fact that you abandon it and rise above it. It is constantly pushing for this, but in exactly the opposite way.

Therefore, in the material world there is no greater helper for our development than egoism although it constantly confronts us with ourselves. It constantly pushes us to struggle, to opposites, to contradictions, all in order to find out who we are, what we are, what we are for.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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My Main Goal

269Confucius: “I am not bothered by the fact that I am not understood. I am bothered when I do not know others.”

If people do not understand me, I get upset because this is my second task, the second goal of my life, that people understand what I want to convey to them. The first goal is, of course, the Creator, but the second one is people.

Remark: It is truly important to you that people understand you.

My Comment: Certainly. Otherwise, what is my life worth? It is all about conveying something to people.

Question: Is it only possible to convey to them anything if you understand them?

Answer: No. It all depends only on the help from the Creator, the goodwill of the Creator, so that He opens their hearts, and I will tell them what to put there. The Creator cannot do it Himself. He needs intermediaries.

Question: So is almost your whole life aimed at being understood and heard?

Answer: Not me. What I want to convey. I as if build a channel, a kind of a pipe, and what I want to convey passes through it. It doesn’t even matter to me that it is going through me and how much I understand what is coming through. The main thing is that I bring it to them.

Question: Is it not important that they will say, “I received it through him”?

Answer: Absolutely not.

Remark: You have never made this a secret and always said that you even defended your doctoral dissertation so that maybe someone would say, “Oh, he has a Ph.D., I will listen to him.”

Answer: Of course! Otherwise, what for?

Remark: People defend their doctoral dissertations not only for that. They do it for salaries, for respect, for the academic degree, and for their resumes.

My Comment: I do not have any of it and I do not need it.

Question: Is everything directed to the fact that if it helps me to be heard, I will do it?

Answer: Of course. Only for this.

Question: If roughly speaking, now that you are known, people started talking on every corner: “Laitman! Laitman!” Would you say: “This is just in order to be heard”?

Answer: I think so, yes. Besides, I know that it will only be to the extent that the Creator needs it. To this extent, He will either raise me or lower me. I believe that what a person needs, he must experience. He must live through it, must endure it all, realize that it is for his benefit. There is no choice. Each performs one’s own function. Someone as if destroys, someone as if repairs, someone as if fills, someone empties, and so on.

Question: How did you know that it is your function to tell the world what it lives for, to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah? How did you know that this is your life?

Answer: I felt it although I was not really keen to do it. And later from my teacher Rabash, he directed me. Even more than that, he directed me not to the highest attainments, but to stay close to people, not to isolate myself from them, and to disseminate.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/27/20

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