My Thoughts On Twitter 10/24/20

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We need the help of the upper force that is concealed in nature. This force is the source of life. It created all the particles of creation and develops them until they attain a sensation of life. We need this force, which unites the plus and minus on all degrees, to help us as well at our degree.

When we become as one man with one heart, there won’t be any difference between us, but only one great desire. No diseases or viruses will remain. The virus will actually turn out healthy because it has brought us to this state, to a universal embrace.

We are like charged particles in a spiritual field, which can’t come closer or farther arbitrarily, but always maintain equilibrium between them. The distance will change when the attitude changes. This will allow us to correct ourselves quickly and become as one man with one heart

In spirituality, closeness is determined by the law of equivalence of form. By acquiring a new perception of reality, I can come closer to you or move farther away, depending on how I think of you: good or bad. If I wish you well, then I can come closer.

Realization of #evil is when I see how badly I treat people and I have to correct my attitude. This will become the only effective remedy against the #coronavirus.

The #coronavirus expresses our internal attitude to each other in external parameters: I hate some people “6 feet” big, and I hate others “20 feet.” The #quarantine distance reflects the hatred that exists between us. I am not allowed to come close to someone if I have a bad attitude to them.
From Twitter, 10/24/20

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