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If I am corrected and look not from the perspective of egoism, but from the perspective of the will to bestow, then I love the creatures not for their animate qualities, but for the Creator’s light. If I see that the friends contain a part of the Creator, they all belong to one field blessed by the Creator, and they all carry the Creator inside of them.

The Creator does not want to reveal Himself to me instantly, but hides behind different images of this world. If through them, I learn to have a good attitude to others, as a result I’ll attain bestowal to the Creator. In reality the Creator isn’t behind them, but inside of them. The creatures help me attain the intention of “for the sake of bestowal” to the Creator.

Caring for others is opposite to my egoistic nature. But I can change myself by overcoming the degrees of still, vegetative, animate, and human until I start treating all of them with love. I will reveal that it wasn’t the creatures, but the Creator who was concealed from me so that I would build the right intention of bestowal.

To check the intention one must take one’s attention away from the immediate action, so it becomes unimportant, and the main thing becomes: for whose sake am I performing this action, and whom does it benefit. This determines whether I’m in the Creator’s world or in my own world, in my own shell.

The essence of an action is measured by the intention. The intention “to bestow more” brings a person closer to the Creator, and the intention “to receive more” distances him from the Creator. In the middle there is a neutral point of zero, from which a person decides where he will be: in the spiritual world or the corporeal one.

A person is cured only when he helps the friends, when he cares about curing them and not himself. Then he really can conquer any problem.

We have absorbed all the cultures. We won’t be allowed to gather as one nation—until we wish for all the nations to gather together until we think of others, and then, precisely for this sake, we correct ourselves and thus will be able to thrive in every regard—if we care for everyone to thrive.
From Twitter, 10/22/20

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