My Thoughts On Twitter 10/18/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The method of the wisdom of Kabbalah allows viruses to be quelled and brought into balance. We have to balance all the forces that activate viruses so they will fall under restriction and the screen. Then all the viruses that elicit illness today will turn into beneficial ones.

When flaws are revealed in the form of viruses, they can be corrected using a force that is above them—thought. Viruses are carriers that transmit thought, information into different parts of the body and into the brain. Thoughts and desires operate at the highest egoistic degrees and manifest as dangerous viruses.

If we allow egoistic thoughts to rule over us, then we won’t attain unity—and the #coronavirus will spread more and more. There will be no remedy against this disease because the coronavirus is a demonstration of our bad relationships with each other. We just call it a virus.

By changing my thoughts from negative to positive, we will save ourselves from the coronavirus and will redeem the world from the epidemic and other problems. We will bring ourselves into balance with nature, so that its degrees: still, vegetative, animate, and human will be in harmony, in good thoughts, complementing each other.

We live in a world of thoughts. A thought is an action. By allowing unkind thoughts to come out of me, I act maliciously. Our entire world, every person will have to check himself: what influence comes out of him toward others. Every person will have to undertake profound inner work and efforts

If I allow a bad thought about others to come outside and be said and heard, I allow it to manifest. While it is inside of me, I can still suppress it, prohibit these thoughts from coming out of me, that is, perform a restriction on my original egoistic nature.
From Twitter, 10/18/20

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