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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The method of the wisdom of Kabbalah allows viruses to be quelled and brought into balance. We have to balance all the forces that activate viruses so they will fall under restriction and the screen. Then all the viruses that elicit illness today will turn into beneficial ones.

When flaws are revealed in the form of viruses, they can be corrected using a force that is above them—thought. Viruses are carriers that transmit thought, information into different parts of the body and into the brain. Thoughts and desires operate at the highest egoistic degrees and manifest as dangerous viruses.

If we allow egoistic thoughts to rule over us, then we won’t attain unity—and the #coronavirus will spread more and more. There will be no remedy against this disease because the coronavirus is a demonstration of our bad relationships with each other. We just call it a virus.

By changing my thoughts from negative to positive, we will save ourselves from the coronavirus and will redeem the world from the epidemic and other problems. We will bring ourselves into balance with nature, so that its degrees: still, vegetative, animate, and human will be in harmony, in good thoughts, complementing each other.

We live in a world of thoughts. A thought is an action. By allowing unkind thoughts to come out of me, I act maliciously. Our entire world, every person will have to check himself: what influence comes out of him toward others. Every person will have to undertake profound inner work and efforts

If I allow a bad thought about others to come outside and be said and heard, I allow it to manifest. While it is inside of me, I can still suppress it, prohibit these thoughts from coming out of me, that is, perform a restriction on my original egoistic nature.
From Twitter, 10/18/20

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Life’s Movie Script

226Everything that will happen in the future is already rooted in the initial act of creation. Each unfolding desire already has a pre-laid program, not a desire that is revealed, but an informational record, Reshimo.

These informational genes arose as a result of the spread of the worlds from the world of infinity through all spiritual degrees, Partzufim, worlds, and Sefirot, until they reached our world.

Therefore, each desire that unfolds in us already contains information, data, and findings about all the worlds but on a microscopic scale, just as a drop of semen contains all the information about a person who will be born and grow from it.

If we knew how to decipher the data in a drop of semen, we would discover from it the whole process that a person must go through, one’s entire destiny, one’s whole life. From the data extracted from a drop of semen, an entire movie could be made showing what would happen to that person. One will have to realize all this in practice; in a potential form, everything is already laid down in the Reshimo, which is in a drop of semen.

Every state that is revealed to us was obliged to reveal itself. We only need to worry about being included in the ten and attracting the reforming light. Then the light will affect the ten and construct our soul, a system in which we will reveal our spiritual state.

All of this already exists, both the Reshimot and the light attracted by us, which will affect them. It is as if we ourselves develop this movie and live through it. The more we awaken the upper light so that it affects the group, the faster the group changes, and the entire spiritual process that I have to go through reveals. It is going to be a super fun series.

All details are already coded in the Reshimo. The information gene descending into our world from the world of infinity through all worlds and all states contains all the information about the path that we must go from bottom to top back to the world of infinity.

The Reshimo of each friend in the ten is a part of the Reshimo of the entire ten. There is nothing accidental.

With the help of a prayer, we attract the light to those Reshimot that are awakening in us more and more. We are as if developing a photo under the influence of light, and each time we reveal our new form, which is more and more spiritual. This is how we discover new worlds and all kinds of changes.

Now we are in the smallest egoistic Reshimo, insignificant and blocked, from which nothing can be seen. We cannot even imagine how rich the spiritual world is at its very first stage—it is billions of times larger than this world in understanding, awareness, perception, and sensation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/12/20

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The Holiday Of Sukkot: Joseph

509Joseph is called the righteous; a righteous is the foundation of the world. It is Joseph who carries man through his egoism and establishes his connection with Pharaoh. And then, with the help of Joseph, man connects with higher properties, with Moses.

Through Joseph we start to get acquainted with the upper system; thanks to him we can unite and try to discover spiritual qualities so that we get closer to the upper force and attain the Creator. Every spiritual attribute is perceived through Joseph, through the Sefira Yesod, through our connection.

Joseph is the righteous, the foundation of the world because only through connection, through Yesod do we attain all other upper spiritual qualities. Joseph in our work is the most necessary and closest feeling to us: connection in a group. Through the point of oneness, we begin to recognize the quality of Joseph.

The Torah tells how the brothers sold Joseph into slavery. They do not understand this property yet because they are higher than him and are not yet familiar with the quality called Joseph. They consider Joseph a younger brother and don’t want him to stand out.

The main thing about Joseph is that he leads us to unification. Joseph does not have his own individual qualities; he combines all other qualities in his striving for connection, and through him, to the Creator. Joseph is a common property in which all the other brothers are included and is revealed thanks to the growing desire to receive, that is, the Pharaoh.

And so, from the quality of Joseph, from Yesod, comes sustenance, the force of life, and the power of attainment. The revelation of Pharaoh also occurs through Joseph. At the beginning of the slavery in Egypt, the Pharaoh was kind and it did not feel like slavery at all. On the contrary, we developed, and all this with the help of Joseph. Joseph is the beginning of the revelation of good and evil in all our lives, and therefore, he is closest to us.

The quality of Joseph is realized through our connection. This is why it is called “Everyone,” combining all the properties in himself and connecting us with the Creator through them. Attaining Joseph is attaining the connection, the essence of our connection. This is the first step that takes us out of this world and leads to the attainment of the Creator, the upper spiritual world.

Joseph is like a tree that brings us all the fruits of life to us. It is the connection with the upper root from which all the good flows into the world. We eat from it, live thanks to it, reproduce, and multiply. It is the place where we connect with each other and with the Creator; that is, the place where we leave the feeling of this material world and enter the spiritual world. All this is done through the quality of Joseph, the closest degree to us.

It is known that in order to move even one step forward, we need to connect in the ten. Yosef is called “Everyone” because he combines all our properties together. Each of the ten people has their own different qualities, but if we rise above ourselves, we can be together. If we rise above our egoistic differences, each of us above their egoism, then we become similar, equal, and can connect to fulfill each other.

This is understood as one attains the Sefira Yesod, which is called “Everything.” When we rise above our egoism and come to faith above reason, to unity in the ten, we create a new spiritual quality that is common to all, called the Creator. It is born out of the bond between us as it is said: “As though you have made me!”

It turns out that by our union, we created the Creator; this is how He reveals Himself to us. The first contact with the Creator, with the upper force, the upper world, occurs through the quality of Yesod.

Distinguished guests, Ushpizin, who come into the Sukkah, organize the right environment for us. And Joseph is the last in this chain as if standing for Malchut.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/20, “Sukkot

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New Life 503 – Good Angels, Evil Angels

New Life 503 – Good Angels, Evil Angels
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Angels are forces like gravity which are active within the natural system. Demons and spirits also belong to the angels, meaning to the psychic forces of a person or his desires. All natural egoistic desires and thoughts are your bad angels. When you correct your attitude toward others from negative to positive, you activate good, protective angels. Strong desires to either harm or benefit others can be activated because we are all parts of a single system. The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible for us to correct ourselves by activating a unique, higher force, “Light,” which helps us realize the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). A true Kabbalist is a person who works in a group, gains control over his power, and will never cause harm.
From KabTV’s “New Life 503 – Good Angels, Evil Angels,” 1/18/15

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How To Withstand Stress?

522.03Question: Stress is called a disease of the 21st century. According to some research, 40% of the population of Earth need help with stress, anxiety, and so on. How can a person avoid or withstand stress, anxiety, and uncertainty about the future?

Answer: This usually happens when a person understands who controls him, who leads him, and to what extent he can position himself correctly with the force that develops him. Then he will not have any worries and problems. He will be completely inside the system that controls him and go along with it.

Remark: But when a person expects something good, he is still under stress.

My Comment: He must understand what it means to expect good or bad, from whom to expect it, when, and how. One can find this out only by studying the method of controlling nature. Therefore, nothing will help here except a serious education that is given in our courses.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 9/1/20

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Non-Verbal Communication

032.01Question: One of the types of information transfer is non-verbal communication: gestures, facial expressions, postures, outward appearance, and so on.

How much attention should be paid to the development of these skills and how do they express connection between people?

Answer: We, those who are engaged in the science of Kabbalah, in general, do not pay attention to these communication techniques because we do not see the possibility of transmitting through them information about the upper level, higher than human psychology and psyche, cognition and perception. In the science of Kabbalah, we deal only with the possibility of a person’s preparation for spiritual perception.

And spiritual perception can be transferred to a person only by teaching them certain skills through which they will begin to perceive spiritual influences, and with the help of certain spiritual practices (but not external, not physical) one will adapt oneself to the spiritual world.

Remark: However, we perceive the main part of information through sight and only about 7% through words. Why do you think that non-verbal communication does not convey information? It is said that the success of public speaking, whether you will be heard or not, is determined by your posture and your gestures.

My Comment: Yes, but we are not talking about the masses. We say there is a limited number of people who really want to receive spiritual information from us and understand that it is impossible to convey it in the ways we do in our world.

Therefore, we prepare them so that they themselves will be able to perceive spiritual information from the upper world.

Question: That concerns students who are developing spiritually. Are non-verbal skills important for people taking an integral education course and who just want to unite in order to live better?

Answer: Yes, they are. But I do not deal with this because my profession, my knowledge, and my experience are aimed at conveying impressions of the upper world to people through all sorts of sound and sometimes graphic images so that they adjust themselves to it and start to feel it.
From Kab.TV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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Reclaiming The Spiritual Land Of Israel

767.3Question: Among Zionists there were many disagreements of a different nature. So in the 1920s, Nordau’s plan to transfer Jews from Eastern Europe to Israel failed. In the 1930s, Jabotinsky’s plan to resettle Jews was not adopted at the Zionist Congress. It got to the point that one of the leaders of the Zionist movement Khaim Arlozorov was killed as a result of ideological disagreements between the left Zionists and the revisionists.

Which of these movements does Kabbalah fit better?

Answer: Neither of them. Kabbalah relates only to spiritual laws that descend into our world and determine its entire structure and development. Therefore, what Zionists, revisionists, socialists, communists, evangelicals, or anyone else say has nothing to do with Kabbalah.

Kabbalists believe that it is necessary to begin to reclaim the land of Israel, to be worthy of this land with one’s properties, the properties of bestowal, love, mutual connection, and unity. This is what they aspired to. And it is not for us to judge to what extent they could do it.

To this day, we have only been concerned with explaining what the science of Kabbalah is, what it should lead a person to, what it talks about. It is difficult for people to realize that Kabbalah, the upper nature, the Creator, all this is practically acquired by people’s corrected desires when they strive toward each other and reveal the upper world in their unity.

It is not easy. It takes a lot of time and desire for people to understand, feel, and begin to see what the science of Kabbalah is really talking about.

It talks only about a person’s internal changes, about a change in one’s perception of reality. And all external manifestations are a consequence of this.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/25/19

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At The Peak Of Emotions

511.01Question: If there is a conflict, is it worth it to extinguish the surge of emotions by agreeing with the claims and leaving?

Answer: No. It is necessary to try and write down all the conflicting emotions in such a way that by using them later, it will be possible to rise higher and higher toward a common solution to the conflict.

Question: That is, if a person is at the peak of emotions, then it is advisable for the other side to stop the conversation and continue later?

Answer: It is not this that is important, but that we clearly understand how big the disagreement between them is, whether it is one or many, and then we could solve this problem. And if people just yell at each other, then nothing can be resolved.

Therefore, you need to give them a piece of paper and a pencil so that they express what they are yelling about. Let them write down their emotions.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/16/20

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10/18/20

Preparation to the Lesson

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Shofar of the Messiah”

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Lesson on the Topic of “The Law of the Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Selected Highlights

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