The Holiday Of Sukkot: Joseph

509Joseph is called the righteous; a righteous is the foundation of the world. It is Joseph who carries man through his egoism and establishes his connection with Pharaoh. And then, with the help of Joseph, man connects with higher properties, with Moses.

Through Joseph we start to get acquainted with the upper system; thanks to him we can unite and try to discover spiritual qualities so that we get closer to the upper force and attain the Creator. Every spiritual attribute is perceived through Joseph, through the Sefira Yesod, through our connection.

Joseph is the righteous, the foundation of the world because only through connection, through Yesod do we attain all other upper spiritual qualities. Joseph in our work is the most necessary and closest feeling to us: connection in a group. Through the point of oneness, we begin to recognize the quality of Joseph.

The Torah tells how the brothers sold Joseph into slavery. They do not understand this property yet because they are higher than him and are not yet familiar with the quality called Joseph. They consider Joseph a younger brother and don’t want him to stand out.

The main thing about Joseph is that he leads us to unification. Joseph does not have his own individual qualities; he combines all other qualities in his striving for connection, and through him, to the Creator. Joseph is a common property in which all the other brothers are included and is revealed thanks to the growing desire to receive, that is, the Pharaoh.

And so, from the quality of Joseph, from Yesod, comes sustenance, the force of life, and the power of attainment. The revelation of Pharaoh also occurs through Joseph. At the beginning of the slavery in Egypt, the Pharaoh was kind and it did not feel like slavery at all. On the contrary, we developed, and all this with the help of Joseph. Joseph is the beginning of the revelation of good and evil in all our lives, and therefore, he is closest to us.

The quality of Joseph is realized through our connection. This is why it is called “Everyone,” combining all the properties in himself and connecting us with the Creator through them. Attaining Joseph is attaining the connection, the essence of our connection. This is the first step that takes us out of this world and leads to the attainment of the Creator, the upper spiritual world.

Joseph is like a tree that brings us all the fruits of life to us. It is the connection with the upper root from which all the good flows into the world. We eat from it, live thanks to it, reproduce, and multiply. It is the place where we connect with each other and with the Creator; that is, the place where we leave the feeling of this material world and enter the spiritual world. All this is done through the quality of Joseph, the closest degree to us.

It is known that in order to move even one step forward, we need to connect in the ten. Yosef is called “Everyone” because he combines all our properties together. Each of the ten people has their own different qualities, but if we rise above ourselves, we can be together. If we rise above our egoistic differences, each of us above their egoism, then we become similar, equal, and can connect to fulfill each other.

This is understood as one attains the Sefira Yesod, which is called “Everything.” When we rise above our egoism and come to faith above reason, to unity in the ten, we create a new spiritual quality that is common to all, called the Creator. It is born out of the bond between us as it is said: “As though you have made me!”

It turns out that by our union, we created the Creator; this is how He reveals Himself to us. The first contact with the Creator, with the upper force, the upper world, occurs through the quality of Yesod.

Distinguished guests, Ushpizin, who come into the Sukkah, organize the right environment for us. And Joseph is the last in this chain as if standing for Malchut.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/20, “Sukkot

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