The Holiday Of Sukkot: Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob

200.01Jacob is the most important spiritual attribute, and therefore, he is called our forefather. Abraham symbolizes bestowal from the Creator and Isaac is the revelation of the desire to enjoy in the creation.

Jacob is a combination of two qualities, giving and receiving, the right and the left line, due to the inner work of a person. Man connects these two lines that come from above in order to achieve similarity with the Creator.

Man, Adam, means similar (Dome) to the Creator. Therefore, Jacob is the most important of the three because these are the qualities revealed within a person to the extent of his similarity to the Creator. This is why the property of Jacob is called Tiferet—splendor, beauty, honor—the properties of the Creator revealed within the creation.

It is through this work that man reaches spirituality. We are granted these two qualities from above, the good and the evil inclinations. The good inclination comes from the Creator through Abraham. The evil inclination revealed in creation also comes from the Creator who created it. But the right combination of these two forces is achieved through man’s work, and we must execute it.

The left and the right lines do not cancel each other, but rather emphasize each other. If there is the right line, bestowal, then it is permitted to awaken the left line, reception. And it is precisely because the left line is opposite to the right that it increases and highlights it.

This is why Jacob includes both lines and intensifies them. The miracle of correct spiritual work is that opposite qualities are emphasized and increased even more, each one emphasizing the other.

Precisely because of the fact that there is the force of bestowal against the force of reception and the force of reception against the force of bestowal, each becomes more intense, more significant. This is why the quality of Jacob is called Tiferet (splendor) because it combines two opposites in one.

When they are correctly combined and enhance each other in the middle line, they are manifested in man not as a simple sum of the right and left lines, but as an illustration of their opposites and glory.

In our world, there is plain darkness and plain light. But if we mix darkness with light, we get a lot of different shades that can be distinguished neither in the bright light nor in the dark.

Our whole life is based on combining the left and right lines. If we want to reveal the Creator, we need the two forces bestowal and reception. By creating all possible combinations of one with the other in all forms, we will reveal the quality of the Creator relative to the quality of creation.

Abraham is the desire to bestow, Isaac is the desire to receive, and Jacob is the combination of desires to receive and to bestow. In combination, these two qualities begin to enhance and emphasize each other. As a result, the right and left lines are revealed in Jacob 620 times stronger than they were before they combined in him.

It turns out that correctly combining the force of reception with the force of bestowal allows us to experience the force of bestowal in contrast to reception 620 times greater. It is through the middle line that we increase the creation made by the Creator from a tiny Kli, a single black dot in infinite white light, to the scale of the entire light of infinity. As it is said “The darkness will shine as light.”

Thus, we reveal the Creator inside our Kli and attain the entire light of Infinity in it. But this Kli begins as a black dot with a very small change in the light.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/5/20, “Sukkot“

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