Sukkot—The Beginning Of Building The Soul

293.1The festival of Sukkot symbolizes the beginning of building the vessel of the soul. The Creator created the desire to receive, which existed in complete bestowal. But this state was maintained by the power of the Creator, from above. This system was called Adam HaRishon, one soul.

But then, in order to give Adam the opportunity to grow, to become independent, and to realize where he is, the Creator broke this vessel, this common soul. And this is called the sin of Adam with the Tree of Knowledge since the huge egoistic desire was revealed and we exist with it to this day.

Everything happened in the way puzzles are made. First, a picture is drawn, then cut into many pieces so that children can play and put it back together. The Creator deliberately led us to sin with the Tree of Knowledge so that the serpent, our terrible desire to receive, would be revealed. And for 6,000 years now, we must correct Malchut by organizing the qualities of the Sefirot in it: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod.

We are now entering the final stage of this period. Our Sukkah has a very symbolic appearance because for the first time we are practically starting to work as the last generation. The process of the final correction is starting.

The pieces of the puzzle, which each of us represent, are beginning to draw closer together. We must make a human form out of them so that all our desires unite and become like the Creator. There is a small piece of this puzzle in each of us. We only need to gather in tens, and then from tens in hundreds, and in thousands, as the Torah explains. And so we will try to build out of ourselves the form of man, Adam, resembling (Dome) the Creator.

This building begins with the simplest materials, the lightest desires in our soul. This is how a Sukkah is constructed from the “waste” that is separated from “food.” Food is what our desire to receive instinctively likes. And waste is what we naturally reject.

And by connecting with each other, we want to find out what is waste relative to our connection in order to raise this waste above our heads and to increase its importance above all our thoughts and desires that push us away from each other and prevent us from connecting.

We need to connect and become one person. This is the correction of all humanity, it must begin now during the coronavirus pandemic. With this and other events that will be revealed from above, the Creator pushes us to take action, shows us where we can start assembling this puzzle.

Kabbalah deals with the practical implementation of the program of creation, its correction. And now we are working on the first stages of this correction. We have already passed the stages of Slichot, Rosh Hashanah, and Yom Kippur, and now we are entering the period of the Sukkot holiday.

Sukkot symbolizes the corrections that must be made within ourselves, in our desire. The Creator created nothing but desire. In this desire, we feel this world as if it exists, we feel reality, and ourselves. But all this is only presented within our desire to receive.

We need to correct ourselves in a way that we will see ourselves as one person. A desire similar to the Creator is called Adam, man, and in it, we will reveal the Creator coming to embrace and merge with us. And it all starts with the Sukkah, with the fact that we build a connection between us in the light of Hassadim. This is not yet a real connection but only coming closer to each other.

The coronavirus pandemic shows exactly how much we are not able to get close to each other. If we get close to our egoistic desires, we bring each other diseases and harm. This is a living example of our bad relationship.

Therefore, we must try to organize everything both materially and spiritually so that all of humanity understands toward what we need to develop and how to correct ourselves and our world. All the forces, all the conditions that are now unfolding in the world are designed to push us to rise to the first spiritual degree.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/20, “Sukkot“

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