The Gates Of Final Correction Are Open

537We have entered the last generation, that is, we have entered the final stage of the correction. We are standing right at the entrance gate that open this period, but there is already the home stretch behind it toward the end of correction.

We do not know how long it will take and what states we will have to go through. But one thing is clear, we have already entered the final phase of correction and must leave it completely corrected.

We talked a lot with my teacher Rabash about this coming future. But today it has already turned from future into an everyday reality. It is necessary to connect with each other and find out the new properties within this connection because they will already be spiritual.

From these spiritual qualities, one must build a spiritual Partzuf, the roof of the Sukkah, that is, the screen and walls that refer to the general structure of the soul. Thus, it is necessary to gather and unite all tens together, all small Partzufim, each of which is built like a small Sukkah. Having assembled this puzzle, we will connect the whole desire to enjoy, completely turning it into bestowal.

I am very glad and touched that we are in such a process. Who would have thought that we would be so lucky to come to this? We are not able to appreciate what is happening now.

In order to ascend to the next stage of unification, you need to open your heart. Each new step begins with the fact that we open our hearts a little more—we feel that here I am obliged to open myself even more to the connection with friends. I cannot do it and I am sorry, I pray but by this the progress begins.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/20, “Sukkot“

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