The Holiday Of Sukkot: Moses

276.02The days of Sukkot represent the building of our soul one Sefira after another. The first three days are devoted to the first three qualities: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob—Hesed, Gevura, Tiferet (HGT). These are the first stages of the Creator’s work within the creation, and therefore they are called the forefathers.

And then we move on to the sons Moses, Aaron, Joseph, and David and complete the entire structure. Therefore, the Sukkah that is built is called the Sukkah of David.

Moses is the main character of the Torah, the main quality. It is he who receives the Torah and passes it on to the people of Israel and the forefathers are the upper system. This is why it is so important to understand the work of Moses within our soul and within the Kabbalistic group.

The main thing is to allow the upper force that has already built the first three qualities, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to descend from HGT into our desire to enjoy NHY (Netzach, Hod, Yesod). And here all the work proceeds by faith above reason when I annul myself and wish for the Creator to control me and fill me, giving me everything that He has in the qualities of HGT—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, meaning to bring it into my ten.

Therefore, Moses’s work consists of total annulment before the first three qualities of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob so then the qualities of HGT can be clothed into NHY. Moses is called a “faithful shepherd” because it is important for him to completely annul himself to what the Creator wants to realize through him, that is, with his help, with all the desire to enjoy, with all the people.

The Creator addresses the people through the qualities of Israel that are able to unite and strive for the Creator for the sake of bestowal and acquire His qualities, His form. And then these qualities become imprinted on all of humanity, on all of reality.

Moses’s work is in faith above reason because he is in the middle between the power of faith, the upper force of bestowal, and the lower force of reception. He is the very first of the Sefirot NHY where the upper force is clothed in the desire to enjoy, and therefore he stands in the middle between the Creator and the creation and plays such an important role in the Torah.

The entire Torah tells of the steps of Moses’s ascent. This is the most important practical action because it guides us through all the states and organizes the creations so we can acquire the form of the Creator. Moses’s task is to establish the correct connection between the Creator and the creation, and therefore the Torah is called by his name: The Torah Of Moses.

After all, the Torah is given for this purpose, so that we can gain faith above reason. The quality of Moses, faith, must always be above the desire to enjoy for us so that this desire takes on the form of Moses and begins to work in bestowal.

To imprint the qualities of the HGT within the Sefirot of NHY means to establish the power of the Creator within the creation. Let us do this in one desire and one heart, in a common connection. It is more important here than ever. This is already practical work in connection between us.

Moses was the greatest of all the prophets. A prophet is not a person but a special quality. A desire that is completely devoted to the Creator and takes on His form is called a prophet, i.e., it is the dressing of the Sefirot HGT in NHY.

This is why Moses is called a “faithful shepherd” because he shows us an example, takes care of us, and brings the quality of bestowal to us from above so that by revealing this quality inside us we could gradually build the form of the Creator within ourselves. The quality of Moses brings us to similarity with the Creator, to adhesion with Him.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/20, “Sukkot

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