Guest Of Honor — Abraham

530The spiritual Partzuf begins to build from Keter. Keter, Hochma, Bina—these are properties that come to us from above. And we need to reproduce them within us, in the connection between us, that is, not inside each, but in ten.

Therefore, the construction of the Partzuf begins with Sefira Hesed, the quality of Abraham. This means that all ten are working on the quality of Abraham in order to connect with each other through this quality.

It must reign in us and begin to rule us so that we understand and feel that the power of Abraham, Hesed (mercy), clothes in us. Abraham, which the Torah talks about, is a force of nature.

This is where the spiritual Partzuf begins, that is, the sensation of our soul. During the week of the holiday of Sukkot, we will try to realize within ourselves the properties of all the Sefirot: Hesed, Gevura, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut. Then they will manifest in us and begin to live. That is, we will feel this spiritual structure, a special atmosphere that connects us, and from it we will reveal all the new elements and forces of the spiritual world.

Ushpizin is an invitation of a guest, a new force to the group. It is when we make efforts to unite and want this force to be revealed between us as the beginning of our soul. It is known that such a force, the light of Hochma, cannot shine in us constantly, but oozes drop by drop intermittently, drip-drip, drip-drip. When we receive such drops of light, it means that good luck has come to us.

And in order to receive this light, we need to prepare a wide space between us, that is, a connection in the light of Hassadim where everyone is ready to open up to meet the other. The light of Hochma can shine only in the garment of the light of Hassadim. And the light of Hassadim (mercy) is called “wide,” as it is said, “wide heart” and “broad hand.”

The light of Hochma is called Ushpizin, a guest who comes and dresses in the light of Hassadim. And if there is no light of Hassadim, then the light of Hochma cannot come and clothe in us.

We are talking about ten friends who want to experience the spiritual. Therefore, they must unite with each other in mutual bestowal in order to relate to each other “with a wide heart and a broad hand,” which is called the quality of Abraham. If they organize such a connection with each other, then the force of Abraham is clothed in it, the first sensation of the disclosure of an upper force, a higher world, the Creator.

We do not allow any criticism of our friends, no verification, and thus we build the basis of the Kli called Abraham, Hesed, within which we feel the first spiritual revelation. The light of Hochma begins to unfold within the light of Hassadim that we have created.

The main thing is not to make any calculations except for our good association and trying from the bottom of our hearts to treat comrades as equals and to think only about how to give back to them. This means that I try to prepare a place for them for the disclosure of the Creator so that He opens up in each of them. This will mean that I am doing a merciful deed for them.

There can be nothing negative in the property of Hesed (mercy). It is above any clarifications and criticism as simple love for one’s neighbor, only a kind attitude.

We must constantly make efforts to maintain such an attitude, Hesed, because this is the basis of the spiritual Kli, the condition for being in the spiritual space. Therefore, Abraham is called the father of the people. All the spiritual people, that is, everyone who wants to come closer to the Creator, must acquire this property.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/3/20, “Sukkot

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