How To Resolve Conflicts In The Family

 Laitman_095Question: You say that happiness means resolution of conflicts. How can families solve them in order to avoid arguments?

Answer: This is a very interesting system: when together with your spouse you reveal some flaws, not in each other but in your relationship, and you come together to solve them.

It is always “between us” and “we are together”: in both negative and positive states. First, we stick together, and then we begin to reveal how to make the connection between us even more effective. We work on this by finding out what we lack for even greater connection.

Such actions must be done constantly because in this way we will grow spiritually. Spiritually! It is not about the contact of bodies or hearts.

Question: Let us assume that I have a conflict in my family. What should I do?

Answer: First of all, hug your spouse tightly and reach some kind of contact, mutual understanding. When you achieve this, initiate the conflict together to gain even greater mutual understanding.

That is, first one needs to build the contact, and then slowly initiate the conflict situations so that they contribute to even greater contact.

Question: When is the moment of real happiness?

Answer: When you work on this. If you work on this together, both in good and bad, you will have a feeling of constant happiness. The process itself brings pleasure.
From The Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/17

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