Does Punishment Exist In Kabbalah?

laitman_547.05Question: Does punishment exist in Kabbalah?

Answer: In Kabbalah, unlike in our world, all problems have to be solved in the middle line. The purulent tumor has to be opened and treated until it becomes a normal and healthy organism.

Question: But in our world we still have courts, prisons, etc.?

Answer: They do not solve anything. We see how prison does not help at all. People are isolated from society. What is the use? It is not a correction. A prison should be a system of a person’s correction. It should not work in the form of punishment.

Remark: Baal HaSulam writes that punishment is a reproach from society.

My Comment: Yes, but only if the society is prepared to treat a transgressor in a way that he would feel as an outcast. Then it will indeed become his correction.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/17/2017

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