Non-Verbal Communication

032.01Question: One of the types of information transfer is non-verbal communication: gestures, facial expressions, postures, outward appearance, and so on.

How much attention should be paid to the development of these skills and how do they express connection between people?

Answer: We, those who are engaged in the science of Kabbalah, in general, do not pay attention to these communication techniques because we do not see the possibility of transmitting through them information about the upper level, higher than human psychology and psyche, cognition and perception. In the science of Kabbalah, we deal only with the possibility of a person’s preparation for spiritual perception.

And spiritual perception can be transferred to a person only by teaching them certain skills through which they will begin to perceive spiritual influences, and with the help of certain spiritual practices (but not external, not physical) one will adapt oneself to the spiritual world.

Remark: However, we perceive the main part of information through sight and only about 7% through words. Why do you think that non-verbal communication does not convey information? It is said that the success of public speaking, whether you will be heard or not, is determined by your posture and your gestures.

My Comment: Yes, but we are not talking about the masses. We say there is a limited number of people who really want to receive spiritual information from us and understand that it is impossible to convey it in the ways we do in our world.

Therefore, we prepare them so that they themselves will be able to perceive spiritual information from the upper world.

Question: That concerns students who are developing spiritually. Are non-verbal skills important for people taking an integral education course and who just want to unite in order to live better?

Answer: Yes, they are. But I do not deal with this because my profession, my knowledge, and my experience are aimed at conveying impressions of the upper world to people through all sorts of sound and sometimes graphic images so that they adjust themselves to it and start to feel it.
From Kab.TV’s “Communication Skills” 7/30/20

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